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Packaging is Everything!

When I was a little girl, my Aunt and Uncle lived in Natchez Mississippi. On one of our visits, I found Sea Monkeys at a local drugstore. My parents bought them for me and I LOVED them. I think I got my first Sea Monkeys in the third grade. I think I owned Sea Monkeys till I was in fifth grade. A friend came over to play one day(fifth grade) and knocked the Sea Monkeys off my dresser. I will never forget the day. I was SOOOO ANGRY at my friend. She did not mean to do it! It was just an accident. That day ended my love for owning Sea Monkeys.

One day this week I took the girls to Wal-Mart with me. Of course our first stop was the toy department. I saw SEA MONKEYS. When I was a little girl, Walmart did not sell them. They were hard to find. The only place I ever saw them was at the Mississippi drugstore (I think it must have been Wal-Greens) and a toy store in Little Rock. I showed my girls the Sea-Monkey package and they were not too thrilled. Once Emily held the package a minute, she wanted them. I did not get them on that Walmart visit. That afternoon, I showed Emily the Sea-monkey website. She was begging me for them. She told my mother that she was getting them and my mother was less than thrilled.
Thursday night we all went to Walmart and got Emily and Sarah Kate some Sea-Monkeys. Emily told every person we saw in the store. She was and is soooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!!
What are they?
They are Brine shrimp. Tiny Shrimp.

Would I have been so excited when I was a little girl about having Brine shrimp? NO WAY! But, it is all about the packaging. Look at the little monkey coming out of that egg. It is just the mystery of the whole thing, the novelty of it. Kind of like a carnival or circus attraction. The packaging says, "THE AMAZING, LIVE.........INSTANT ZOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I always loved monkeys. It is all about the name and the packaging!!!!

On the first day, you add water to the container, Emily calls it a cage. You add the packet of water purifier and let it sit 24 hours. On the second day, you add the packet of tiny eggs. They really do hatch from the eggs in just a few minutes. They are tiny tiny, but we can see them swimming around. On the fifth day, we can begin feeding them. They come with a little packet of fish-like food.

Emily is sooooo excited, you would think we had a real pet monkey or a puppy. She is sooooo proud! She has named two of them already.......Diamond and Mary.
I am sure, one of us will knock them off the counter and the girls will scream and cry. But, for now, that was $5 well spent at our house!

Ever have "the amazing. live Sea-Monkeys" when you were little? Have your children ever had them?


Jess :) said…
I love how excited Emily is!!!! :) That picture is priceless! I never had Sea Monkeys, but remember seeing them here or there. Hoping they last for awhile...for E's sake - especially! :) :) :)
Kimberley said…
i must be behind the times, because i have never heard of them! HA! but I bet it might be something my 3yr old would love. oh and psst... i saw you at walmart last week. :) does that sound stalkerish? i promise i'm not! oh, and your girls are adorable!! :)
Ruth Ann said…
I have seen these at Walmart, but never knew anyone that had any experience with them! I didn't know they were so inexpensive! I think I'll try these with my boys. Wonder how long they last? I did read somewhere recently that they will follow a small flashlight light if you wave it in front of the tank. Apparently they are attracted to the light! But that might not be a good idea for kids though, I can see them knocking the tank over with the flashlight! lol
Angie said…
We sure have. I always thought it was the strangest but neatest thing. I can't remember what happened to ours, ha!
Angie said…
We sure have. I always thought it was the strangest but neatest thing. I can't remember what happened to ours, ha!
Belinda said…
ok so I am a lurker.. loved sea monkeys as a kid! How fun!
Shayla said…
I had totally forgotten about Sea Monkeys! I loved them as a kid. I also had an Ant Farm and it was the coolest thing. Yay for low-maintenance pets!

BTW, Emily's Sea Monkey names totally crack me up!
Kelly said…
I can't believe you don't remember us having some on Carlsbad Way. You put them in the kitchen window.
I love Sea Monkeys and even did my fifth grade science project on them!! Thjey were all over the place in Memphis--mine were from TG&Y. I still think its pretty miraculous that they can sit dry on a shelf for who knows how long and in an instant they are born. I love your blog and hope your sweet girls love their new "pets"!
Alyssa said…
Both of my kids have had them with little luck. They always seem to die. But they come with a coupon for a 2 year guarantee, and we've had to use it both times. I hope you have better luck!
Stacey said…
My daughter was babysitting my nieces and she accidentally knocked the Sea Monkey "cage" over. My niece was so upset and from her reaction my daughter told me she never wanted to babysit again!
Yoli said…
My son got them for his 10th birthday. He loved them and took good care of them. Until we had to add more water. It had to be special special, we never found it. We had big discussions about exactly what type of water...etc...we took so long they dried up and died. Boo Loved your post!!
Bethany said…
Aw, I always saw those as a kid and wanted them...I may have to check out my local Walmart ;-) Keep us updated on their growth!

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