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When I was in South Arkansas this Summer I bought this old chest of drawers for $45 at a flea market. It was dark wood, but pretty worn and torn. I wanted to paint it RED. Last week I sanded it, painted it, and then antiqued it. I LOVE doing that kind of stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have it in my entry way. It is going to be great for storage. I am keeping Emily's school work in it. ( I DO have knobs for the top drawer, they are just not on there yet!)

Sarah Kate had an allergic reaction to the church's baby wipes at Mother's Day Out. Bless her sweet heart! BUT...........this really explains a lot! SK has had REALLY bad diaper rash for about a year now. It is always worse on Sunday, Tuesday and Wed. Those are the days we are at church. We have thought that it might be the church wipes. Now we know. They cleaned her messy face with a wipe and this is what happened. She has VERY VERY sensitive skin. I am going to start taking our own wipes to church for her.
She had a great day at school!


Kelly said…
Oh my gosh - poor SK!!!!!
What kind of wipes do they use? Parent's Choice? We use Pampers sensitive skin because H has sensitive skin too. So sad.
Ben and Bethany said…
Both of my boys have really sensitive skin - we were just at the dermatologist Thursday morning before play group. Bless her sweet heart, it looks like it hurt!

Love the chest!
That is awful - poor Sarah Kate! Our friend who sells diapers keeps giving us Fisher Price ones & I have finally figured out that they give Wells a terrible rash. Back to Pampers we go!
Jenna said…
LOVE the red chest! You did good, girl!

And oh my word - poor Sarah Kate! I hate that for her!
Anonymous said…
Love the red dresser! It's such an interesting shape with a lot of character. Glad it found new life! Hope your daughter feels better - ouch!
The B's said…
The chest in AWESOME!!!! Poor baby girl!!! My Emma has really sensitive skin too...what types of wipes do they use?
Beth said…
Oh my, bless her heart...glad you got it figured out. Love love love the red dresser. Love.
Thanks for sending me a note about the small woman...I knew it would be sad....
Yikes!!! It hurts just looking at her poor sweet face. Aquaphor healing ointment works probably already know that.
Poor sarah kate! "Red" not only meant the furniture, but her sweet little face.
The Garners said…
Love your new piece of furniture--very cute!!

Poor SK! I'm glad you know what caused it so you can avoid it now. :( My kids have really sensitive skin too. Rhett has had several bad reactions to things, and Alexee and Crosby have constant dry skin.
Tara G. said…
Poor thing- ouch!

LOVE the chest and it looks so good with the girls' portrait!
Andrea said…
I LOVE your dresser. I actually did one like that too, but I painted it pale pink and put crystal knpbs on it. I had it in my older daughter's room but when we moved I decided to sell it because they drawers were hard for her to open. I paid $60, tried to list it for $60, and these vultures got in a bidding war over it. It was nuts....I ended up getting $150 for the dresser....ha ha. If I had the time I'd open a business. lol

SO sad about SK's face. My youngest as the same problem. WE also thought it was yeast infections and found that she's allergic to Nystatin...or at least she seems to have a chemical burn if we use it. Also, BOTH of my girls get chemical burns from the target brand of diapers. So now we use sensitive everything.
Sara Campbell said…
I think you should sue your church. Just kidding. :)
Lynn said…
Bless her heart -- oh my goodness! It does like it hurt, poor Sarah Kate. =( Glad to hear she had a good first day of MDO, though!
Love the chest of drawers -- great job, Laurie!
Mrs. H said…
Bless her little heart! That looks like it hurts!

And I LOVE your red chest!!! You may have given me that little boost I needed to finish a desk I've had in the garage for months now! THanks!!!!
Lauren said…
Aw, bless her heart. And she still has a smile on her face!!!
Jennifer said…
Poor SK! That makes my face hurt! I'm glad you finally figured out the problem!

And I love your red dresser!
Anonymous said…
OMGoodness!! Your poor baby girl, she looks so pitiful! Bless SK's heart!! I hope she starts feeling better! I love the red chest! It looks very good!! Glad SK had a good first day of MDO!
Melissa Miller said…
Sorry about her skin. Ouch!

I LOVE the red chest. My favorite color. You did great Laurie! :)
Katie said…
I love it, Laurie!!

Hope SK is better soon. Poor thing.
monelle said…
So sorry for SK but glad you found out what it is!

I love that dresser and that shade of RED! Can you tell us how you antiqued it?
His Doorkeeper said…
Love your red neat! It was so good to see you yesterday before MDO! Your girls looked adorable all dressed alike. Poor SK....But at least now you know!
Nancy said…
Please share what color red that is...I have an antique dresser I got for $10 @ a garage sale ( what a deal!!) and I would love to paint it like that!
Faith said…
That little red chest is just darling! You did a great job on it.

And, poor SK! Oh that makes me sad for her. Hope she is feeling much better now!
Run26.2Mom said…
Poor baby. My youngest has the most sensitive skin , too. We have to stick to the same diapers, wipes and laundry took us awhile to narrow it all down because she was one big rash.

Love the dresser! I like to throw a red or bright yellow piece into most rooms. I don't know why but I like it.

Sara Campbell said…
Just checking back to see if you deleted my comment. :)
Jess :) said…
I LOVE that red chest!!! How crafty are you?!?! :) Wish you lived closer and I'd totally pay you to help me do FUN stuff like that!!

Poor SK. Oh my goodness, that breaks my heart. So thankful you guys figured it out, but that's NO fun. :(
Adorable! I love the punch of color!!
Jill said…
I'm just seeing the pic of SK...bless that baby's heart!! Amelia has very sensitive skin as well..we use pampers sensitive.

And I LOVE the red chest of drawers.
I love that chest! You're luck I live in TX or I would be stealing, uh.. I mean "borrowing" it. You did a great job refinishing it.

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