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The Trip to Silver Dollar City (That Almost Wasn't)

Thursday afternoon Steve and I headed to Branson, Mo to take the girls to Silver Dollar City. Emily was more excited about staying in the hotel than any amusement park. We checked into the hotel around 3:30, refreshed a little and then headed to have dinner at The O.G. That is what I call the Olive Garden. We had a GREAT dinner. The girls acted pretty good! Then, we headed to a place called The Track. They have little kid rides that my girls LOVED!!!!!! (The girls were so excited to be in a hotel room. Notice they are as white as the sheets.)

They loved riding the rabbits. Emily rode this one twice.
They enjoyed the little train ride.

We went for ice-cream and then went to bed. Around 12:30 a.m. we were awakened by the sound of Sarah Kate choking in the Pack-n-Play. I just began praying because I was afraid she was choking on a small toy she had insisted on sleeping with. What we became quickly aware of as Steve turned the light on was she was throwing up and choking on it. She was SOOOO sick! She threw up five times. We gave her three baths during the night. We all got about 3 hours of sleep. Saturday morning Sarah Kate woke up her normal, happy self.
We went back and forth about whether just to head home or stay and go to SDC. Emily cried and cried because she wanted to stay another night and go to SDC. (We had planned to stay in the hotel Friday night too).

We decided Sarah Kate was feeling well enough to go. She was drinking really well also. Our main reason for the trip was for Silver Dollar City and we hated to miss the opportunity.
The first thing we did when we got there was watch some VERY talented cloggers. Emily ate this up! They asked for children to come on stage and help do a line dance. Emily and Sarah Kate were so proud of themselves. I was proud of them too!

Emily is getting the hang of it!
This was Emily's favorite ride: The Elephants I was pretty fond of the ride myself!
I rode a frog with Sarah Kate. Emily had to have her own frog.
The girls also LOVED the butterflies!!!!!!!!!!! I liked it too! Ha!
Emily is JUST LIKE HER DADDY! Steve LOVES roller coasters. Emily wanted to ride this one with him. I was sooooo nervous because I did not know how she would do on this ride. She loved it. Steve rode the Wildfire roller coaster. It has three or four loops and drops you straight down. I could NEVER EVER ride this. As Steve was waiting in line for this BIG roller coaster, I was thinking about what could get me on that roller coaster. I came up with nothing. Not even a million dollars a year for life. I was thinking which would be the worst for me: Eating a spoon of Ranch dressing, giving birth with no drugs or riding a roller coaster. I just can't say. They are all in the same category.
I just hate the feeling of losing my stomach. That is THE WORST FEELING IN THE WORLD TO ME! I don't know why anyone would WANT to do that to themselves. I watched group of people get off Wildfire and they looked as normal and happy as could be. If I had been on the ride I honestly think I would have died.
When we were at Silver Dollar City, I did not know if I was really having fun or not. It was blazing HOT! I don't think I have ever been that hot, except in the dressing room at Francesca's when I got stuck in the dress. I just could not quench my thirst at SDC. SK wanted out of her stroller a lot, Emily wanted to be held. The rides were like sitting in a hot skillet. I wore a really really dumb(hot) outfit and bad shoes!!!!! that my tummy is full, my thirst is quenched , my room is cool with a fan going, I can say I loved the trip! It really was a fun day. Emily REALLY REALLY liked it! In fact, next year we are going to get season passes.
On a totally different note: One of my favorite people is back in town. This is Rebekah and her cute baby Cilla. Kelly and I took our girls over to see Rebekah this past week. Kelly and I know Rebekah from our old church in Fayetteville. She has been living in Waco, Texas and they are back here. I am so excited!

If anything in the post sounds crazy, let me explain why. Wednesday, we had our carpet cleaned, the people did indeed get our carpet very clean. It looks great, but the smell of chemicals is STILL here and it is STRONG! I think our brains may be affected. It smells like mineral spirits was poured in the carpet.


The Ormons said…
Glad SK started feeling better so you all could stay and enjoy your trip. Looks like the girls had a great time. Can't wait to see you guys in Sept.
Mary Ella said…
We LOVE the Track. It is great for our kids' ages. I am so glad that you got to enjoy your trip and that SK started feeling better! Bless your hearts!
Meredith said…
The girls look soo cute! Glad ya'll had fun, but also i am so glad SK is feeling better! You are cracking me up about the "spoonful of ranch" thing! Does Emily still adore ranch dressing? HA!
This whole post cracks me up. I think the giving birth without drugs wins hands down.
Karen said…
You are so funny with this post. I love that you tell it how it is, carpet chemicals and all!
Anonymous said…
Laurie, all your blog posts are HYSTERICAL!! I laughed so hard reading about the roller coaster! I hate that SK started to feel better, oh my I would have had to throw that pac n play away. Bless her heart, what an awful feeling!! Emily looked like she had a blast, even if it was hot as blazes. Glad yall had such a fun trip!!
Anonymous said…
I meant to say..I hate that SK started feeling bad. Please don't think I would wish SK sick! :( Sorry about the typo
Kelly said…
You get funnier with every post.
A spoon of ranch dressing, giving birth without drugs or riding a roller coaster - ha! I'm going to agree with all but the ranch dressing. I'm going to go with Kacy that giving birth without drugs is something I could never do. (or hope not)
I'm glad your trip ended on a good note!
Nancy said…
I'm sorry your little one got sick! Been there, for sure! You crack me up!
Run26.2Mom said…
What an adventure! I am with you on the roller coaster thing! Thanks for the laughs :)
Anonymous said…
Hey, Laurie! I am so glad SK was ok & you all were still able to enjoy SDC! I loved going their when I was a kid! Also, I love SK's room - so cute! Where did you get the book holder?
The Garners said…
I hate the Wildfire roller-coaster at SDC. I rode it once (peer pressure) when we went with some friends the summer before Rhett was born. I still can't believe I did it. I can't stand the feeling of my stomach dropping either. I don't even like The American Plunge for that same reason--that 1.5 seconds that your stomach disappears! But I have to say that I'd definitely suffer through it again for a million dollars or instead of a no-drugs birth! :) My epidural took way too long to kick-in with Crosby and I came closer to a natural birth than I ever wanted to! :)

We plan to take the kids to SDC right before school starts. I'm worried about how hot it is going to be. Your description of when you decided it was fun sounds like my Mom's...she always says that a lot of times she has to wait a little while after the event to decide if it was fun or not! I know what she means. I'm so glad the girls had fun and everyone felt like going. I'm notorious for wearing bad shoes to things like that--I've made a mental note after reading this to be sure not to do that this time.

Have a good week!
Betsy said…
A sick child in a hotel room is the WORST!! It looks like the girls had fun, though! I am with is almost too HOT to really enjoy being outside right now. Seriously.

I think you may be the only person I know who hates Ranch dressing! :)
Unknown said…
That makes me laugh! I share your dislike of roller coasters and I'm thinking spoon of ranch dressing would be the easiest of the three (especially since I have a deep LOVE for ranch)! We took our kids to Disneyland and the whole time I was there I know I was stressed out and nervous, but all I can think of now is how much I want to take the kids back! The more I think about it, the more I'm pretty sure I would ride it if I was guaranteed $1 million every day of my life...I would have to have a signed contract and the first million waiting for me at the exit!
Britton said…
I hate Ranch dressing too and have absolutely NO desire to ever get on a roller coaster either! Glad you all ended up having a fun trip together. My sweet baby got sick in his pack n' play this weekend too, but not quite that sick. I'm so sorry your sweet baby girl had such a rough night, and you as well. It's such a helpless feeling. Sounds like you are an amazing mom!
lnipaver said…
i loved reading that there is someone else that hates ranch dressing and rollercosters and I would never give birth without drugs. Love your blog!
His Doorkeeper said…
Glad you had a good time despite the throw-up and the heat! I don't like scary rides...never have understood why being scared to death is a way to have fun!
Kelly said…
Hi Laurie!
My family was in Branson all weekend and we saw you at SIlver Dollar City! First I saw you as we pulled into the parking lot and then You guys were in line right in front of us to enter the park on Friday and were right in front of us when we left too. I told my husband that I read her blog and he would not let me tell you hi. HAHA! He said that is just weird. Oh well... you guys are all beautiful! I never check my blog and have not updated it since the birth of my daughter 11 months ago and I could not find an email for you so I am just leaving a comment. Sorry SK was so sick but I am glad you had fun anyway!
Christy said…
We loved going to SDC when the girls were smaller (we still would, it just seems like we are always too busy). When they were little we would buy two season passes. If you buy them early enough you will get bring a friend passes to use during three different time frames. I'm not sure if I'm making any sense or not, but our family of four would all go to SDC three times a year buying only two season passes.

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