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A Wild Life

Due to Steve's crazy work hours lately, he was able to take off early on Friday afternoon. We made a little family outing to the Gentry Wilderness Safari. We made wonderful memories together. We were able to get up close and personal with some of the residents. Emily was a little hesitant to pet the animals. Kristen the cat has caused her to be scared of all animals.
We loved seeing this joey in it's mama's pouch.
Have you ever read the account in the Bible about a donkey that spoke? Check out Numbers 22:1-36.
Isn't this tiger cub cute?
My girls favorite animal: THE KITTENS.
Sarah Kate went to her buddy, Wells, birthday on Saturday.

Saturday night, my friend, June, surprised me with a jar of Albert's Famous Hot Sauce. Albert knows what he is doing! It is the best I have ever had from a store. Although I do love On the Border's salsa that you find in the grocery.

Some random thoughts:

On Saturday afternoon I went to Walmart to get a curtain rod. I encountered two women in the curtain rod row that were talking to themselves........ full voice....... deep thoughts about curtains. I thought the first lady was surely talking to me, but she was not. About two minutes later another woman comes along and has an entire conversation with herself about the rods. I think curtains and rods stress people out. I have been stressed about SK's curtains. They have been quite the fiasco.

Do you ever go to Walmart and you are in the way of one other person the entire time you are there.????????????????????????? Maybe I should say, they are in my way. This happens to me occasionally. I just keep running into the same person who is trying to get to the same item I am. We say excuse me to each other at least ten times.

Sarah Kate's room is pitch black now!!!! I got blackout curtains and put cardboard in her window at night. This did great for over a week , but now she is back to waking up at 5:30.


Maria said…
Yes! I was just at Walmart this morning running into everyone! It seems we were all there at the same time trying to beat the 100 degree nothern CA weather. I enjoy your blog, Laurie, and share your love for salsa. :) Happy Day.
How wonderful that your girls got to enjoy some of our Aussie kangaroos!! While, No, they don't hop around the suburbs over here, a few years back we spent one year living not far from "Australia Zoo" at Beerwah. Our house backed onto forestry, separated by a fence, and we often saw them hopping by, or feeding in family groups. We also would get huge scary goannas coming under the fence! I found one on our patio one morning and beat a hasty retreat!!
Unknown said…
I am pretty sure I've had a conversation with myself on the curtain rod aisle! You've got to make sure you get just the right thing! I need to make a visit to the Gentry zoo sometime soon. Just waiting for a day that's not sooo hot!
Yoli said…
I'm sorry Sarah Kate is back to waking up at 5:30!! Have you tried letting her settle herself back to sleep?? It's wirth a try!! Happy sleeping Laurie! Xoxo
Lauren said…
And here I had faith in those blackout curtains! Bummer!! Hope this waking up @ 5am is just a phase for SK!

The pictures are precious!!
Lauren said…
I used to go to that petting zoo at least once every year! =) So fun. The early rising has to be killing you. I wish I had good advice. Maybe I could offer some bad advice: small tv with a dvd or vhs player in her room to watch in the wee hours of the morning? Ha!
Aw man--and I was thinking you had solved SK's 5:30 problem with the dark room......rats!! Poor Mama!!!
I'm out of suggestions....sorry....
I figure if I'm talking to myself the biggest thing to remember is not to answer myself, ha!

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