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I don't really know if I should be concerned about Emily or proud. I few months ago, she began spending LOTS of time drawing girls on paper and letting them have conversations with each other. When I say lots of time, I mean three hours a day! She sits at the table drawing the girls and cats and I hear thing like this,
"Hi Sweetie! You look sooooo cute!"
Another girl she draws:"oh thank you, I got a new dress."
"Oh, I NEVER get a new dress."
"That okay Sweetie you look pretty."
"See my new cat."
Ohhhh she's really cute."
"Yes, I know."

Each girl she draws has their own voice. This is what entertains Emily. What can I say?

Sarah Kate has a new stunt she likes to pull! She will eat almost anything. She has always been a great eater, but when there is something she does not like or she gets full, she says, "it's hot."

She knows that I often tell her, "don't eat that yet, It's hot." When I eat hot salsa I say, "Sarah Kate, you can't eat salsa because it is hot."

Pretty clever I must say. She pulled this one on my mother a bunch last week when we were visiting.

Any suggestion for an almost two year old that wakes up every morning between 5:00 and 5:30????????? No matter what time I put her to bed, she is up at the SAME time.


Mallory said…
I'm impressed by Emily's drawings! She does a great job for someone her age. :-)
Angie said…
lol! this is hilarious because brooklynn does this but not with drawings. she gets her stuffed animals and plays school, they have naps, and they even get time out! it's so mom said i always had imaginary friends too.
First of all, Emily is quite the talented artist--merciful heavens-she draws better than I do!
As for SK getting up little boy did that a few years ago until I had "had it" and took him to the dr. thinking something was wrong....she said to put him to be EARLIER. I thought she was a nutcase, but I tried it and voila! it worked! He went from going to bed at 9pm to 8pm and since then he gets up at 7am (give or take)....Is her room really dark? The sunshine doesn't come through her curtains does it? Maybe get some darker shades?
Everday Edwards said…
Your have two very talented and clever girls. I can't believe Emily can draw so well. That is amazing, not to mention hilarious! Sarah Kate is too cute coming up with ways not to have to eat what she doesn't like. I bet you get some good laughs in these days...
Jess :) said…
As an elementary teacher...I don't think you need to worry!! I think that's totally developmentally appropriate for her, at that age! In fact, she seems to be quite ADVANCED for her age. Plus her drawings are fabulous. :)

And SK with the eating...HILARIOUS! That salsa eating that her mama does must have really made an impression. :) :) :)

Oh, and wish I could tell you what to do about the waking up thing. My sister is in that EXACT same boat with my matter what time, he's faithfully up at 5:05 A.M.
I had to get black out lined curtains for Arden's room since she will only sleep in if it's really dark (but then she will sleep all day if I let her!). Maybe try to see if putting a blanket over the window helps, then get black out liner if it does
Divya said…
I did the same different-voice-thing when i was a kid but in a different situation - pretending to play KG teacher-lots-of-other-kids :P

Emily's drawings are soooooooo cute - just like her :)
Jacquie said…
I don't usually comment on here, but I couldn't pass up the chance to tell you how talented Emily is. My BFF, Jodi, had a daughter that drew amazingly like that a such a young age and she just graduated with an art degree from UofA!!
His Doorkeeper said…
I think Emily has inherited the artist gene from her Mama! You have two precious girls!
Unknown said…
Wow! Emily's art is fantastic! I didn't have any kindergartners that were able to draw that well. Andrew does the same thing with things that are hot, but not just food. He does it with bath water, because he doesn't want to take a bath. Sometimes I wish my mind was as creative as a 2 year olds! I'm no good in the sleep department. I trained Andrew early to sleep in and he does a great job at it. Madelyn gets up pretty early and I don't love it, but the girls gotta eat! When Andrew would get up earlier then I wanted him to I would just leave him in his crib and he would play by himself until I came and got him.
Liz said…
having a two year-old myself, i would just sit her down and tell her that 'mommy isn't getting up until whatever time and she's not going to come and get you until that time'. she'll understand more than you think and if she's standing in there screaming, she'll be fine. she might actually go back to sleep!! we have also used a clock with our daughter and showed her where the hands would be when it's time to get up. it's either that or the talking to, but somethings working. good luck!!!

liz roberts (sorry, blog is private!)
Anonymous said…
emily is quite the drawer...i still do stick people. and p has started saying, i want one (whatever it is) so i give him some and he says, no, i dont like it. without even touching it! i know he gets this from me since im a terrible picky eater but he has always been great about eating, like sk. so we're working on this issue. also, we have his room D.A.R.K! so he sleeps in later, before i got his new curtains, it was pretty bright in there and for a few weeks, he was up before we got up to get ready for work! and on wknd's, he was up by 6 or so. i would try some darker curtains or a pull down shade behind the blinds to help hide the light if you dont want darker curtains....
the day's said…
i love her artwork...what a very talented little girl you have!! :)
Run26.2Mom said…
Emily draws better than me! Very creative!
I wish I had the answer to sleeping in a little later. My girls seem to like the morning sun. If you find the secret let me know , please :)
{katrina} said…
Blackout curtains! Get some! they have adorable ones at Target for $15/a panel. I recently put them up in my daughter's room (she's 2) and I get at least and extra hour of sleep out of her!
sanjeet said…
they even get time out! it's so mom said i always had imaginary friends too.
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