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I am Thankful and Maybe Crazy!

My girls have slept really well for the past several nights. I am so thankful!!! Thank you to those of you who have prayed for us and given me words of wisdom. I have not done ANYTHING different to get them to sleep. I just say it is answered prayer.
I also took Sarah Kate's bottle away last week. It has been a very easy transition. She loved her bottle, but she is also 20 months old. TOO OLD for a bottle. I just put them in a cabinet and told her she was a big girl. I would give her milk in a sippy cup and she would say,"I wanna bottle!" She fussed a little the first few days, but I think she is over her precious bottle now.

Also, my girls are both absolutely terrified of Kristen. They act as if she is a grizzly bear or tiger. I WANT my girls to have a pet they can love and enjoy. Emily has been asking for several months for a new, nice cat. I broke down a few weeks ago and said,"we will get you a cat." She jumped and yelled and screamed," I so cited!" I really don't think I have ever seen her happier after those six words left my mouth. She said,"I naming her Diamond!" Every single day she talks about Diamond. She has even picked out what she wants to wear when she gets Diamond. She said she wanted her fingernails to be painted so that Diamond would think she looked cute. So, all that to say, I am looking for Diamond. I talked to Kristen's vet yesterday about how Kristen would handle another cat. She said," she will love it or hate it." She said Kristen may need to be treated with the animal form of Prozac.
We are searching for a Tabby cat. Emily wants it to be orange or look like Kristen. I will let you know when we find Diamond! I may be crazy to do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hillary said…
Kristen will eat another cat! Poor Diamond doesn't stand a chance!! And let me just say a sense of the hair on the back of my neck...came over me when I opened up your blog and saw K staring at me! Wow! There are no words. :)
The Ormons said…
Wow Diamond hmmm .. I think Hillary is right I think Kristen is going to hate that kitten. What are you going to do if Kristen hates her. You know I love animals and I am so glad E and SK will have a sweet cat they can love on. Good Luck and I can't wait to hear what happens.
kim_brough said…
I got a six month old cat (approx) when my older cat was about 3 years old. She's kinda moody, but in 3 days, they were fast friends. It'll work out... albeit with a few hisses I'm sure!
Sharon said…
We have a dog named Diamond...just funny since you don't hear that much. :) Good luck finding a cat!
Tara G. said…
I'm so glad you're all getting more rest! Looking forward to hearing about your new kitty!
I remember you having a cat in college named Lizzy or something like that and she lived for 18 years or so. It always made me laugh because you talked about her like as if she was a person.

Amy said…
Well,my family finally ganged up on me and begged and begged for an animal. I am more of a dog person but decided to do the cat because they are more low maintenance. I am NOT loving the shedding but overall she is a good animal. However, she is not a "lovey" cat. The girls like to carry her around and the whole time she is meowing, etc. I am glad I had her declawed when she was spayed or she would have clawed their eyes out by now. I am sure this is not encouarging you too much though. LOL Hope you have good luck finding a suitable one for your family. What will you do with Kristen though if she doesn't like this other cat??
Bear Girl said…
Hi Laurie,

I know at my local pound they are overflowing with cats. My pound will let you try a cat for a day or two to see if it works out in your home. You may want to try that. There are so many sweet cats there in need of homes. Genah
Angie said…
kristen looks just like our cat pixie...that is hilarious! i'll post a pic soon so you can see. you can tell our sassy girls picked out the names lol!!
Unknown said…
I have a cat that IS on prozac! My calico cat had a very difficult time after Andrew and Madelyn were born (she was not going potty in the litter box, but on my stuff) it was awful! Our vet put her on prozac and at first it was quite sad, because she was just laid out on the floor on her back (not typical!) But, she is now using her litter box and quite mellow! I do have 2 cats and they are best buds!
Michelle said…
Hmmm, I guess stuffing a cat at Build a Bear and naming it Diamond is not an option??? Do you think a new pet is fair to "Kristen"?

My children's first pet was a hamster. They're fun, easy to care for, and (don't take this wrong) they have a short life span. ;) We have a sweet Bichon now, and love her to pieces! We would love another, but have decided against it, as we feel this would be unfair to our "Lizzi Lou".

Good luck, though, with whatever you do!
I know it is a terrible thing to say, but I vote for getting rid of Kristen. I did it myself with my terror cat, and I have no guilt. I had to remember that she was just a cat, not a person, and my kids' safety and sanity in my home was more important than everything being ruled by a vicious animal. It isn't the popular thing to say about pets, but it completely changed the dynamics in our house to be free of my children and guests being scared of our pet.
Run26.2Mom said…
Yea! You must feel like a new person since the girls are sleeping better. The mornings certainly seem brighter when you get your zzz's.

I love the name choice of the "future" family cat. So cute.

Alyssa said…
Good luck on the new kitty! I'm sure the girls will love it! WE got our second cat 3 years ago and our first cat has HATED him from the day we brought him home! That first week we wouldn't leave them alone because we were afraid our older cat would eat the new kitten! She didn't, and she's never hurt him, but she's still not happy with him being there! Maybe she needs some kitty prozac!
Alyssa said…
Popping back to say that we do not regret getting another cat, even though the first hates the new one. She's no longer mean to him, just tolerates him and his incessant playing. If Kristen does get mean with a new cat, be sure to have a plan.
Marianne said…
We got a second cat after our first one was a year old. It did take a few days for them to work out their differences, but they became great friends.

Someone was told me gray cats are always nice and orange cats are always mean. I have found this to be true for the most part, so be careful about getting an orange cat. Our gray cat was such a loving girl and our 2nd cat was black and he was very friendly also. My sister had one gray and one orange cat. Her gray was so sweet, but her orange one always swiped at you with his paw as you walked by and never wanted to be petted.
Jenna said…
Hey there sweet Laurie, I was just checking into see how the quest for Diamond is coming! Such a good mama for making her babies "so cited!"
123 said…
Just wanted to drop a comment and say hi. I've been reading your blog for a while now, but I haven't commented before. Your girls are precious, and there are definitely times when I wish someone would start making Ambien for kids! Ha! We don't have any cats at our house, but the children keep begging for either a cat or a dog. Anyways, I just wanted to say that I love you blog.
I'll let you in on a little secret...Dillan was still drinking milk from a bottle before bed. He was also 20 months old when we stopped. It was more me than him holding on. :)

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