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Here and There

Emily looks so happy because she had just eaten a Cadbury egg. YUM! She is not one for food, but she can down a Cadbury egg.

Friday we enjoyed playing outside and visiting with neighbors in the bright and beautiful sun. The temperature was in the upper 60s. In less than 24 hours, it was snowing what looked like cotton balls from the sky.

We are still on a search for Diamond the cat. I have a couple of potentials from the shelter. I am waiting on the right cat! I think I am looking for a marking of a diamond on the cat or one who is already named Diamond. God is good and big and he can make that happen! Emily left Petsmart in tears this morning because I did not get her a cat.

A lot of times when I am out running errands on the weekend, Steve will call and ask me to get him a Starbucks coffee. We both LOVE that place. I have never had anything from there that is not good. BUT................have you ever noticed that Starbucks smells slightly like a skunk? I like the smell, but at the same time, it is a bit skunky. Just something to think about next time you are there.

I really enjoyed our snow days over the weekend. I was able to catch up on laundry and do some cleaning and organizing. This week is Spring Break and I am loving it. We have no place to go this week and I am thrilled. I am spending the week reading So Long Insecurity by one of my favorite woman in the the world...Beth Moore.


Lindsey said…
I LOVE your new blog theme. Who knows, you could have updated it awhile ago, but I typically read blogs in my reader and only venture over to the site to comment.

Just wanted to say that I totally agree on your Starbucks smell thought. It does not smell well. Apparently it's from beans that have been roasted too long or coffee that has been brewed and has been sitting too long. Yuck!

Looking forward to hopefully getting a chance to meet you in Atlanta next month!
123 said…
Alright. I am going to confess something to you. I have never had anything from Starbucks. I once stopped to buy muffins for the office, but that is the only time in my life I have ever even been inside of a Starbucks. It's official...I should not have confessed this!
Very true! The other day I smelled a skunk in the neighborhood and started craving a latte. Weird, but true. My post today is actually about Starbucks.
Jamie said…
I am so glad you said that about Starbucks and the skunk smell. I have always said that coffee smells like skunk and people tell me that I am crazy! Glad to hear it from someone else!!
Anonymous said…
so i wasnt thinking when i first read about diamond but i have connections w/ save our strays, bville's animal rescue group. i used to volunteer for them but have gotten to busy :( anyways, if you havent been in contact w/ someone from there, let me know and i can see what cats they have avaiable....just shoot me an email :)
Annsterw said…
Just an FYI - I too love Starbucks and I will be searching for the skunk smell tomorrow....however...just so you know....
March 23rd
is FREE pastry day at Starbucks.
It goes until 10:30AM here in PA and with any beverage you pick any pastry FREE!!!
If you love Starbucks - check it out!!!!
His Doorkeeper said…
Love the new look on your blog! The header is so cute! I hate coffee but I usually enjoy the smell when I smell it in the mall, etc. I think coffee taste like a skunk!! har
Angie said…
hey! i love anything starbucks too, but cadbury eggs nope. my husband and kids love em though.
Lori said…
I hope you find Diamond real soon, poor SK. I can understand holding out for the purfect (haha) kitty/cat. Maybe it would be easier on SK if you didn't take her looking if Steve was home on the weekend you could run out to a few places or in the evening.
Sara Campbell said…
From the girl who once told me 'something' smelled like chili powder. hmm.
Kelly said…
Laughing at Sara's comment.
Laurie - you are one of a kind.
beth said…
I have been meaning to comment and tell you how much I have enjoyed reading your blog since I made the connection to Hickory Flat. I am somewhat new to the bigger "blog" world and love reading yours and your friend Kelly's. We were in Hickory Flat this weekend and I spoke with your mother in law recently when Chad was speaking at the church for something! Your kids are precious!
Maybe we'll meet in the big town of Hickory FLat one day!

123 said…
Oh my goodness!! I cried so many times when I was reading So Long Insecurity. It wasn't because I was sad, but because it dealt with so many of my issues. Great book. Should have left this comment earlier. :)

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