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The Latest on Harper

Harper is still continuing to make improvements. It is going to be a long process. But, we feel she is going to come out a healthy girl in the end. As for Dawson, he is good. Kelly's Dad rescued him from Doggie daycare today. Keep praying just as hard.


Megan said…
Hi! Thank you for the quick update. I have been checking (almost) literally every 5 minutes! Do you know of an address Scott and Kelly would like cards, gifts, etc. to be sent to? I have some friends and family here in TX praying for little Harper and was asked where to send things to. My email address is megatronyrony at gmail dot com. Thanks!

Megan in Texas
Melissa said…
Thank you for updating!
Sitesx6 said…
Thank you for the Dawson update. I just know how much Kelly and Scott seem to really adore their first furry baby. I bet she is relieved Dawson is with family now.

I feel so bad that she can't hold her baby yet.

Praying daily for you all.
Kelly (Michigan)
Jen said…
Thanks Laurie for the update!!

We continue to lift them up in prayer!!!

I am so curious how long they think she will be in NICU and if there is any way she could be moved back to NWA for care. I can't imagine!!

God bless....the Stamps are VERY blessed to have yall!!

Love and Prayers from Fayetteville,
Nicole said…
Thank you so much for the update. I have been praying and thinking about them all day.
kate said…
I'd babysit Dawson in a help them out. I even have a roommate who works from home - so he wouldn't be alone during the day. just let me know! it would be an honor to help...kate stanton
kate said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rennae said…
Hi, thank you for the update. I have been reading back through Kelly's archives over the last few days and I must say, she is so lucky to have a friend like you.
Gina said…
Thank you for the update. I am so happy to hear about that beautiful baby. I am praying more for these nice folks more than any other time in my life (Fortunately I have never had cause to be this concerned before). I have 4 kids and I can't imagine something like this....I just cannot. I would also like to send them something if you have an address....

Again, thanks so much for the update.
Fran said…
Thank you again Laurie for the update. Would you tell Kelly how much we love them and are praying so hard for them? My youngest was looking at Harper's pictures from kelly's blog and just said the sweetest things over her..."she's so cute, her hair is awfully short...." It was precious. :)

I'm glad Dawson is ok. Bless him.
Jenna said…
Laurie, thanks so much as always for the update! So glad to hear continued good reports. Keeping the prayers coming!!!!
Kendra said…
Remaining vigilant...
Jessica said…
So glad Dawson is okay also! : )
Jill said…
I've been wondering about Mr. Dawson. He must miss his mommy & daddy big time. Thanks again for the update. :)
Kim said…
Hey! As I was reading about Dawson, I thought maybe you guys were watching him!!! ha! Then I remembered...Emily is not a big fan of dogs...she would probably pack up and move out! hee hee!
petrii said…
I'm so praying for sweet Harper and Kelly and Scott!!! Thank you for your updates.

You are a GREAT friend to her!!

Have a Blessed evening,
Michelle said…
Still praying here in Pearland,TX.
Thank you for the update. I know we all check Kelly's blog and her family and friends' blogs all day waiting for one. And I was actually wondering where Dawson was. I'm sure Kelly's relieved that he's with her dad!
You're great Laurie.
The question about an address is a good one.
Robyn said…
Yes I also need an address where I can send something if that is possible.
Julee said…
Thanks for the update! I have been wondering/worried about Dawson too! I was also wondering about the address to send something to Kelly and Scott. My email is Thanks so much!!
Amanda Ledford said…
Thank you for the update! I was acutally just telling my husband I was wanting an address for them! My email is
I had been wondering about Dawson. I'm glad he is with his Grandad now! ;-)
Hope you and your girls are doing well!
Lauren said…
Thanks for the update Laurie, love stopping by here and still praying!!! :)
The Garners said…
I'm so thankful for her little improvements!

I told Lane this weekend that I wished we could go get Dawson and keep him for them! I'm glad to know he's in good hands, too! :)

Thank you for the update.

Do you know of anything that might be helpful to send to Scott and Kelly for their stay there--I wish I knew of something--anything--that I could do!? Please e-mail me if you know of something that would be helpful, or just something that would make the time pass faster as they sit and wait for updates from her doctor. Thank you! :) Jamie
pinkmommy said…
Thanks for the update! On Harper and Dawson! If they need any help with him I can ask my sister (who lives up there). She is single with no kids and a dog lover.
Heather said…
Praying for your sweet friends here in TX. What a great friend you are and I love reading your blog.
Melissa said…

Thank you for the updates. I am sure Kelly and Scott feel very blessed to have you as a best friend. You must be a great comfort to them.

Is there an address where I can send a card and a gift to them? My enail address is Thank you Laurie!! I am praying for you as well. I am sure this time has been stressful for you.

Jenna said…
Hey Laurie,
There is a group of us down in Malakoff Texas that read Kelly's blog regularly. We are praying and have our church praying but we would like to send a gift card for them use. Do you know if there is an address we can send it to for them to get it.
Thanks for your updates! I read Psalm 20 today and it really made me think about little Harper and all the people who are praying for her. You can e-mail me @ or just post on my blog!


Jenna Lorick
TAFTY5 said…
Oh Laurie!
We don't know each other, but wanted to tell you how sweet this post was. I have thought about you often throughout this week. I also thought quite a bit about Emily wondering if she understood what was going on and how she was holding up? You are such a good friend to Kelly and this will only bring you closer. Can't wait to see pics of all three girls and their fun adventures growing up together!
Take care!

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