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Barbie Crackers and Baby

This Summer when Kelly had Emily for a sleep over, she bought Emily some Barbie Pop-Tarts. Emily liked them, but I have never bought any since August when she had them at Kelly's house. I was talking to Kelly on the phone last week and Emily said she wanted some Barbie Crackers at Kelly's house. time I went to Wal-mart I got Emily some Barbie Pop Tarts. She has gone NUTS over them..... eating like five day or more. ( I know that is NOT good.) She asked who the girls were on them. I told her it was Kelly and Laurie. Now, when I give her one she says, "Oh It's Kelly" or "Oh it's Kelly and Waurie" or "it's Kelly playing the guitar." Then she says, "Awwe ya'll so cute!"
When I look around our house at things Kelly gave me or I drink from the monogrammed tumblers she gave me for Christmas, it makes me sad because they are a reminder of what Kelly and Scott are going through. I look back at pictures of them when we went to Chuck E Cheese a couple of weeks ago and I think about how "this was before all this happened with Harper." I think that with every picture I see that was made in the past few weeks and days. THIS is not how I invisioned things. This was NOT our plan. I am sad that she is not home right now holding a healthy newborn. But.....I am learning more and more that I am too earthly minded. Caedmon's Call has a song that I love that says, "This world has nothing for me and this world has everything." So true. We live in a fallen world that is full of pain. Here is the good news: Kelly and Scott and THOUSANDS of other people are seeing GOD'S GLORY. I never really knew what that meant till a Beth Moore Bible study a few years ago. She said that God's glory is how He makes Himself known-how He shows who He is. Jesus has been everything He says He is these past few days.
HE is the Healer
He is the Comforter
He is the Provider
He is the Prince of Peace
He is the Miracle Worker
He is showing Himself in a very real way. And also, Kelly and Scott are the REAL DEAL! They have hope and faith in the Lord Jesus through this terrible time. They are experiencing God on the field trip and not just in the classroom. I am so proud of them and so glad that we have best friends like them.
I pull up Harper's picture and just stare at her and pray and think about how many lives she has touched in a short time and how she is lying their doing God's work.
Harper-I can't wait till we can all eat Barbie Crackers together on the patio.


Lauren said…
How sweet Laurie! Harper will be home soon enough where she belongs, the journey is just going to take a little longer to get there, but nonetheless, it's not without God's glory showing through all over the place :) :) We love you and the Stamps family!
Oh Laurie, how I know you miss Kelly being there..and want little Harper home, as we are all praying for.
Hopefully you'll be enjoying Barbie Crackers together very soon.
Praying without ceasing for precious Harper, as well as her family and friends.
Matthew 21:22
kate said…
you will all be enjoying those Barbie Crackers in no time at all....I just know it.

I did read an article about the women that have to mourn the "typical birth" they imagined. They have walked such a path - so many only want to read about but never experience.

You are such a dear friend...blessed Kelly!
Heather said…
Aw, what a sweet post and I love that song by Caedmon's Call, great reminder! Continuing to pray for your sweet friends and for sweet Harper to be healed quickly!!
Jessica said…
What a deeply moving post- I love your example of being out on a feild trip and not in the classroom anymore. If anything, what a compliment of Scott and Kelly that God is using them as a way to manifest His Glory. God knew in allowing these events to unfold that they would, as a family, trust in Him. In turn, I pray that many who do not know Him will have their heart pricked to explore chrisitianity through the actions of faith of the Stamps.

Thanks for the updates, Laurie!
I loved what you wrote Laurie. I have never commented on your blog, but feel like I know you so well just by reading Kelly's blog everyday. I thank you for inspiring me to find God's word, and honestly appreciate words.

Claire in California
Sweet post, Laurie! I hope and pray all your girls can be together soon!
What a thoughtful, thought provoking post, Laurie. Very well said! Love and prayers, Jenny Beth
Sara Campbell said…
Beautifully stated, Laurie. Praying for you these days as well. Love from me.
Hillary said…
I'm missing funny Emily! She's a hoot. She's a lot like her mama. Hilarious that you told her it was you and Kelly on the poptarts. I laughed out loug! I totally here what you're saying about all the other stuff. I think back to all the conversations Kelly and I had before she went into labor and how none of this was supposed to happen! God is bigger and His plans always seem to touch the most lives possible. I think Harper has done just that! I haven't even seen that sweet baby girl but I love her a lot!!
Missing you too!!
Amanda Ledford said…
That is too cute about the poptarts! I love that she thinks it is you and Kelly on there! I totally see that! :-)
I think the same things when I have looked back over her pictures. However, I know that one day soon, you will be sitting around eating poptarts together and Emily will tell SK and Harper that is you and Kelly on them!!!
Kandi West said…
Thanks for these words. I needed them. I am so earthly and this is teaching me so much. I talked to Kelly last night and she said you're doing a great job as full-time press secretary!
I don't personally know you but want you to know that you are a great testament to God too. Kelly is blessed that God placed you in her life and that you are there for her in your prayers and with your presence. In praying, we will also remember to ask God to help you not be so sad. In His Love, NMG
Sharon M. said…
Laurie, wouldn't it be neat if we could really know the numbers of people that little Harper has touched in the past 6 days. We would be amazed, I am sure. God works in mysterious ways and He is working right now in the hearts of all of us who are praying for Harper, Kelly, and Scott and the rest of the family. Harper is probably the most loved baby in the world right now. God has something really big in store for that little girl.
Kelly said…
I love you!
This made me cry really hard. I have so many dreams for us and our baby girls. Don't worry - we are still taking them to the pool this summer and on walks and they will play together soon!
I've never been more thankful for your friendship!
Anonymous said…
Laurie what a blessing yall are to each other. I myself have grown through Harper. Just sitting back watching this precious baby fight for life and Her family around her... Im blessed that they shared this event with me. My faith in the Lord was and is strong but now I can see Gods work in a different way.. thank you too for keeping us up to date. Oh how I wished I lived nextdoor to yall. We could have so much fun with our girls. My youngest is 8 and she is so much fun~ take care Laurie.
Carrie said…
I had NO idea about these Barbie pop tarts! My little girl is only 3 months, but I feel sure we will need some of these prissy pop tarts before long.

We have been praying for Kelly so hard! Her Harper looks like such a sweet baby. I know she can hardly wait to pick her up and hold her. God will see them through this. She is very lucky to have a sweet friend like you.
Jill said…
Interesting you should say all of that because I, too, have thought things like, "This time last week, Kelly was making cookies...Kelly would've been going home from the hospital today...I bet Kelly would've had Harper dressed in such and such today." I don't even know Kelly personally... What a special and blessed friendship the two of you share, and Ms. Emily fits right in. She'll be making Harper laugh before you know it. God is good!
Betsy said…
I can only imagine how you must feel. It really seems unreal how everything has different than what we expected! But God is using this and hopefully it won't be long before they are all home and you and Kelly can start enjoying all the fun you planned on having with your girls!

Lots of love and hugs to you,
shack said…
What a great tribute to such a special friend. I pray that you can have your best friend's back home soon and Baby Harper can get well quickly to meet her other "sisters", too. This brought tears to my eyes, very well said. Continuting to pray for this sweet family and baby Harper.
Natalie said…
You are such a sweet, sweet friend! I love reading your blog!!

What a blessing you are to Kelly -- I have a best friend I have had for 22 yrs. It's wonderful!!
Hi, Laurie! You don't know me but I ran across your blog from Kelly's which I found on Amanda Vestal's. Amanda's mom was my supervising teacher when I did my internship! My husband also went to OBU with Kelly. He came in the fall of 1992.

I was writing to say how wonderful it is that Kelly has you to support her during this time. She has inspired me more than she will ever know and I would love to meet all of you someday. I have a 20 month old daughter Emerson Jane and this is caused me to hold her a little tighter and thank god each day for her good health.

Also, you and I share the same birthday!! I was an April Fool's baby back in 1980!! I ran across a Happy Birthday to you on Kelly's Blog.
Jacquie said…
Laurie, it was good to see you (again) today. This was such a sweet, sweet post. I have a best friend that I've had since the 8th grade. We've never lived more than a few miles apart in all that time. We've gone through SO much together. Losing loved ones, sickness, life. I know how much Kelly means to you - and how much you must mean to Kelly. What a blessing!!

God has taught ME so much this week through Harper and her precious family.
Jamie said…
Laurie, this is such a sweet post. Friendships like this are such blessings.

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