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For about a year now, I have been wanting a Clarisonic facial cleanser.  Last week I saw a QVC segment about it and I got one the next day.  I could not stand it any longer.  The product makes some great promises.  I have used it for a little over a week now and I think I love it! 

Do you have one?

Has it made a difference with your skin?


Unknown said…
I got one for Christmas this year. I'd had a hard time with my skin since having my baby, it took 2 months of using the clarisonic (and my skin got worse first) but now I love love love it!
Casey said…
Same here. I finally got one for Christmas and at first I didn't understand what all the rage was. For the first month my skin stayed about the same, then the next couple months my skin got worse but now, 5 months later I love it!! I will forever use it :) So, my best advice is if you think you love it now, you will for sure love it in a few months!!
Amy said…
YES. I have sensitive skin and was a little hesitant because anything that exfoliates has always bothered it, but the Clarisonic has been WONDERFUL. I use mine just a couple of times a week (because of the sensitive skin issue -- I found every day to be a bit too much), and it has really made a difference. I have also found that products I use are more effective because they "sink in" better. But do give it some time; you might not see a drastic difference right away.
Kate S said…
Yes, I have one and I love it! I also wanted it for a long time before I finally bought it.
Laurie, I hope you'll do a review on this in a few months...I've had my eye on one but never bought one
Cheryl said…
I also would appreciate you doing a review in a few months....I've looked at them but haven't been able to talk myself into the price of one yet....
Kathy Olson said…
Same here...I've been wanting one, but waiting for the price to go down a bit. I'd love to hear what you think in a couole of months.
Worth every penny! It took me a while to come around to buying it too. Finally I did and I use it twice a day now. Like all the girls above said, it is worth it!!
Good luck and please let us know your thoughts :) xo
DianeTaylor said…
Hi Laurie - I actually got a knock-off brand on Amazon and oh my I just love what it has done for my skin. I hope you get great results too!
Kelly said…
I got one for Christmas and LOVE it! I use it with Cereve Foaming face wash and my skin has never looked better. I'm a huge Clarisonic Advocate!
Gina said…
Laurie, You will love it! Your skin will feel so clean and exfoliated! Over time you will really see a difference in the size of your pores and I've even noticed the fine lines around my eyes have gotten better!
Great purchase!

Kim said…
I've been wanting one!! Let me know how you like it. I may just splurge and get one.
lnipaver said…
Thats so funny I watch QVC from time to time and have thought about buying one!
Unknown said…
I've been using mine for about two years. It is one of the best purchases I have ever made.
I have also been waiting for.I wait for new post regarding it's reviews.:)
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Steel Magnolia said…
It does make a difference - your skin feels cleaner, especially with the right facewash. I use a gel facewash that gets really foamy with it and my skin is squeaky clean after. And it improves discoloration, fine lines, everything it claims. You won't regret it!

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