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Putting the Car in Park

Emily is on a break from school right now.  On Monday, we went to a bunch of stores and ran errands and that sort of thing.  Emily talked my ears off.  I decided that she could talk the horns off a billy goat!   She talked the entire day and she also held my hand all day long.  Ever so often, I would tell her that I needed my hand.  She was lovey-dovey with me.  I guess she just loved being with just me!  Sarah Kate was at school all day.  When Sarah Kate is around, she steals the show.  Emily is so meek and mild.  It is not very often that Emily and I are alone together.

Tuesday night some of the girls from my Sunday school class went to see October Baby.  This was my second time to see it!  I am a fan!  The movie has a great message.  GO SEE IT!
On my drive home after the movie, I was listening to Family Life Today with Dennis Rainey.  He had a guest lady on there that was talking about raising children.  I don't know who she was, but I LOVED what she had to say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She talked about how that our children really just long to spend time with us.  Just like the day I had with Emily on Monday.  She said that children don't care if you spend the whole day making a cake or brownies from scratch or if you do a fifteen minute box mix.  The children just want to have a brownie with you and talk.  They don't won't you to have to break your neck or jump through hoops to make things perfect.  They just want TIME.
She went on to talk about that families don't even really talk anymore.  They are so busy RUNNING AROUND.  The kids are involved in everything and it is just causing stress on families.  I AGREE!!!!!

The speaker told a story about running one of her girls to a birthday party and they were running late, it had been a busy day and the family had not even eaten dinner.  As she was trying to get her daughter to the party, she just drew a line and said this is ridiculous and they turned around and went home!  I loved hearing that!  She talked about that moms seem to feel pressure to entertain their children and have them involved in everything.  She joked about how we need to put the car in park and just raise boring kids!

This was a message of freedom for me.

We are doing a series at church right now called "Testimony Tuesday."  It has been WONDERFUL!!!!!!  The speaker last week is an only child.  (SO am I) She struck a chord with me when she talked about that only children LOVE their friends more than their friends love them.  Only children NEED their friends.(So me!)  Only children are very loyal. ( That is me)  Because I am a loyal person, when I start something, I finish it.  When church is going on, I am there!  That is unless we have fever or are throwing up.  Ha!  It is hard for me to say no to Birthday parties and Sunday school events and girls nights and things like that BUT....sometimes the BEST thing I can do is just to REST and be home with my family.  I get worn our really easy.  I feel like I am in a rat race most of the time.

We are laying low and trying to just rest today!  I LOVE IT!


Amy said…
I agree Laurie! Kids just want our time. I have said over and over the we (parents) should go back to small, generic birthday parties and give the gift of our time. Of course I am preaching to the choir here. :) I so wish we would just start saying no more. Contentment and peace would reign in our homes so much more often if we just did!
Amy said…
Right after I commented I went and read this blog post. Check it out! It goes right along.
Alyssa said…
I agree that parents have too much going on for their kids and don't spend enough time with them. My mother in law keeps pressuring my kids to join every sport, every school activity, etc. We decided though that 1 regular activity is enough (girl scouts) and random short term things that come up are OK (a week of basketball camp). Otherwise, we're constantly coming and going and never just spending time together. Great message!
Tiff said…
So, so true. I need to constantly remind myself to stop and enjoy T more. he won't be a toddler forever!
Allison said…
Wow! I'm an only child too and this sounds just like me too!
Tara G. said…
What a beautiful testimony, Laurie! Thank you for taking the time to share!
Nancy said…
I love a restful day & I adore your blog posts :)
Have a good afternoon!
Jane said…
Hello - I found your blog through Kelly's Korner, but I just had to comment since I am also an only child. So true! Its not often that I hear positive things about being an only child, so hooray for the speaker and for you!
Well now I know why it is so hard for me to quit things and why I feel bad if I skip things - I am a loyal only child! Shouldn't have skipped Tuesday. Wait, that's me feeling guilty for skipping - ha!
Morgan's mom said…
Laurie, you are a wise young mom to know it is more important to spend time with your family instead of always "needing" to be busy busy busy. It is funny how so many people act as if they are winning some competition if their children are the busiest, but I think really they might end up being the losers. God made you and only you the mommy to SK and Emily and you know what is best for them - and it is precious time with you and your husband!
Leanne Helums said…
Hey! Love reading your blog. I totally agree with you and the lady you were listening to about spending time with your kids. It is so true!
Angie said…
Wonderful post! As a mom of a teenager and a toddler plus one on the way, life around here is SO BUSY! There are just days I think enough is enough and we do nothing. LIfe goes by fast enough without us rushing it even more.
Kim said…
Great post!! So true!
I lauged my head off reading "she could talk the horns off a billy goat!" You are hilarious!
Brian and Sarah said…
I LOVE this! I feel like all the other moms around me have their kids involved in so many activities, make plans to take them to all these art places and children's theatre events and story times....things where you have to be somewhere at a certain time. I could never get "into" it though, and felt guilty?? Instead, my 3 yr old's favorite days are "Mommy Days" where we stay home and have tea parties and do puzzles together, taking breaks here and there to throw in a load of laundry. And if she gets to wear her princess jammies all day, she's that much happier - ha! So glad to see that others are doing the "low key" thing as well, and that I don't need to feel guilty for not planning tons of things for her all the time...because trying to get place on time just stresses me out!!
Becky said…
I agree. Sometimes we just need to 'nest' at home and enjoy those family memories. Our pastor always encourages parents to only allow children to be involved in a limited number of activities. Why do kids need an agenda? How can they ultimately grow up to hear that still, small Voice when we don't offer them those moments of stillness? I teach a court ordered parenting class and although these kids are very difficult, very delinquent, I encourage the parents to find one fun thing to do with them each week and it does NOT have to cost money!
I agree! I feel like my kids are often the only ones who are not signed up for lots of lessons, teams, etc. My oldest in 5th grade is the only one playing a competitive sport, and we only let him play one sport (football). That alone about killed us with 15-20 hours of practice/games per week for ONE child from August - October! I am not trying to raise Olympians, so I want them to have a lot of unstructured time in the evenings, so we can just be family and hang out together!
Renee said…
I'm only child too and I can relate! Thanks for recommending this broadcast. I just cued it up on my computer.
Renee said…
I'm only child too and I can relate! Thanks for recommending this broadcast. I just cued it up on my computer.

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