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Branson Weekend 2012

This weekend we went to Branson.  We have tried three different weekends to go and it just never worked out.  Steve either had a work problem of the girls were sick.  There just always seemed to be a road block.  We finally made it and it was wonderful!!!!!  We all needed a little getaway.  The majority of our time at Silver Dollar City was spent with the goats.

One of our favorite attractions at SDC is Grandpa's Mansion.  You cannot stand up straight in the place and it take every muscle you have not to fall down.  If you know how this works, TELL ME!  SK was not happy to be in there!

The highlight of Branson for Emily was going to the Butterfly Palace.  She loves that place.  I think she would have stayed all day. 
Notice her black eye.  She had a collision with a boy last week at recess,  fell and hit her eye on the wood chip playground flooring.

Steve took the girls swimming in the hotel and they had so much fun.  They said that was their favorite part of the trip.

I look happy in the picture, but I was actually mad as a hornet!!!!!!
When we go to Branson, we always eat at Landry's seafood.  It is our favorite!!!!!
I ALWAYS order a wonderful baked oyster dish.  It is my favorite meal ever.
You know what I am going to say..............................
YEP.......FOREVER GONE FROM THEIR MENU.  I was furious!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
I think I scared the waitress and she suggested something really delicious that I might like.  I ordered some sort of stuffed, bacon wrapped grilled shrimp.  One bite and I calmed down.  Steve ordered Oysters Rockefellar and it was very  good too.
I should have known they would take my favorite dish off their menu.

I am like some of those people that try out for American Idol and they are terrible, but think they are the greatest singers ever.  I think I have the best taste in the world, but obviously I don't.


A.K.W. said…
My parent's and I are planning a trip to Branson this summer maybe! I can see goats whenever I want but pretty soon I won't be seeing them every day though.

Sasha said…
RE: Grandpa's Mansion. I think that room is where you are standing almost sideways. I say that because I get very very sick when I go in that room, so I have to stay out of it! My kiddos love it though! We LOVE Branson!
thejavamama said…
Looks like ya'll had a great time in Branson! I can't believe they took your food off the menu! :( We used to go there every summer with our grandparents..such good memories in Branson :)
Brittney said…
Grandfather's Mansion is one of my favorite things at SDC too! I actually worked there for two summers and spent lots of time in there. Its just an optical illusion. The floor is tilted one way and the walls are painted another. It is the disconnect between your body and your brain. Your brain tells you the room is straight, and the floor tells your body the room is tilted and you get confused. It is tough on your body. I have seen so many little kids get so frustrated in there that they just sit on the (crooked) floor and cry. ha! Its most definitely a hidden gem in SDC.
Bradysmom2000 said…
We saw your family at Silver Dollar City on Saturday. We were there chaperoning six bus loads of band and choir kids from Farmington. Wasn't it the perfect day? I wished I had the nerve to say hello to you, but I didn't. Thought about saying, "Hello Laurie's Life!" :)

We had never been in Grandpa's Mansion. One of the boys in our group took us there. FUN! We will be going back. We are in Branson all the time. Did you lay down on the bed? Sometimes I feel like that in the mornings when I don't want to get out of bed. LOL!

Was great to see you and your family in person Laurie. Your girls are sooo cute!
Nancy said…
HA! You crack me up!
SO glad you had a great time! I am craving a vacation away, just the 4 of us!! Happy SUMMER to you!
Lauri said…
You HAVE to stop liking stuff, lol!
Angie said…
What a fun trip!!! Looks like you all enjoyed a great weekend. Glad it finally worked out for you all to go.
Mallory said…
I got engaged at that restaurant in Branson! :) Fun memories!
Dina said…
Thanks for your comment about the slushy thing. I will get one tomorrow!

And I hope when you get to Heaven, all your favorite foods and products are there!
Jill said…
That is too funny... I guess now you have a few favorite dish!
MissBrightside said…
Here is a website that will give you the specifics on how the tilted houses work. They are always amazing even if you know it is an illusion!
Leslie said…
My name is Leslie, I read Kelly's blog about every few days and have occasionally looked at yours. I had seen several pictures of you and your girls and recognized you in Olive Garden when yall were there. I wanted to say hi, I was just afraid you would think I was crazy for just walking up to you not knowing you. My husband and I were there on our anniversary, but yall caught my attention with the two girls, we have two daughters as well. You and your girls are even prettier in person!

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