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The Bird Hotel

 Do you see what I see?  If you have read my blog for a while, you know that I am scared of birds!  They are my phobia.  BUT,  birds LOVE our house!!!!!  This is the third bird to make it's home at ours!  This one has lit in our bathroom window.  Yes, it makes me nervous.  Yes, Kristen the cat is going nuts.  But, I can't destroy this mama bird's nest and eggs.
This is so beautiful!
Welcome Spring!


Kim said…
Your worst nightmare for sure. You and your bird phobia!
Angie said…
Those eggs are beautiful!
Sure sign of Spring :)
Ruth Ann said…
Hi Laurie! I don't want to alarm you, but you need to be careful when any bird builds next to your house. We had birds for a few years doing that. We had house wrap on our house and even had new windows put in, but we got infested with bird mites! Apparently when the birds leave the nest the mites will look for a host to feed off of. Since the bird nests were in the eves of our house they came down through the attic through the air conditioning duct and was feeding off of my toddler at the time! Usually they pick one host and thankfully I layed in bed with him one day at naptime and felt like something was crawling on me! I lifted up the pillow and there were a couple on his bed! I totally freaked out! We had to get an exterminator and it was a huge mess! They only came into his room and thank goodness I layed down with him that day!

I know my story sounds hard to believe, but it can really happen. Just google it. The exterminator said any trees that hang close to the house are bad as well as nests built against the house. They can get into the tiniest crack. We had new windows and everything and they still managed to get in!

If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me...I'd hate for any of this to happen to anyone else. Like I said they built next to our house for years and we never had a problem...just that one year! Then after that we cut down all the trees that were directly next to the house and everything! As much as I love the birds, they really can be a hazard!

-Ruth Ann
Ruth Ann said…
It's me are some links for you:
A.K.W. said…
When I was a little girl and at the first house I ever lived at when I came to the USA from being adopted, first we lived at my Dad's office while our house was being built. We had birds get inside our house through our chimney and my sister, my Mom, & I ran and hid in our bedrooms while a friend or one of my brother's opened the front door and shewed the birds out!

We had mostly those big black grackles and then we had a cardinal bang on our windows and then taught it's babies too.

Melissa said…
you are going to learn to love birds...HA

i don't know if this works for all birds, but it worked for the birds that insisted on trying to build at my house...i just put a rubber snake out and they stayed away!
Sara said…
How terrifying for you! Those eggs are beautiful!
sl said…
We used to have birds all the time buid nest on our front porch. We put out plastic snakes found in the toy department. No more birds!
Nancy said…
Those are the prettiest eggs! Yay for the birds being outside :)

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