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A New Kind of Breakfast

This post is for two of my favorite friends, Amy and Amanda.

I picked up one of our local magazines this week and had never really gotten a chance to scrutinize it, until dance class yesterday.
I saw the above page and my mouth watered. I think it could have been that I was very hungry and the fact that I love everything in the picture: sugar, coffee and oranges! These cookies/ wafers/ bars looked right up my alley.
I tried to explain to my friends that I LOVE things and have grit to them. They laughed and laughed. I don't like anything that has a smooth texture. I tried to explain how Chick-fil-a has gritty ice cream. I LOVE their ice cream. I have also always loved those Biscott cookies that they serve on airplanes. I want to go to every person on the plane and ask if I can have theirs.

Amanda pointed out that these could not be good because they are whole grain. She also pointed out that they say, "golden oat." She reasoned that that would surely be a turn off. She was convinced that they were way too healthy to be good and that she doubted they were sweet.
We all questioned the "energy" they would give?

Well girls, I am here to tell you.....THEY ARE GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They have been my breakfast, snack and dessert!
Steve loves Velveeta, I love belVita.


I haven't seen these. Where did you find them?
You are SO weird. :-)
The Ormons said…
I love the biscott cookies too. Walmart and walgreens carry them. I once ordered tbem from their website before our stores carried them.
The Ormons said…
I love the biscott cookies too. Walmart and walgreens carry them. I once ordered tbem from their website before our stores carried them.
Anonymous said…
Those cookies do look good! Never got any biscotti the last time I was on a plane but I do love them, all I got the last time on the plane was some pretzels and coffee.

We used to get biscotti cookies from Sam's club but my sister knows how to make them though, at our old church, she made them every year and brought them to the Christmas Eve service for afterwards. She made two different kinds. She's a good cook and loves to bake and sometimes she does goodies as Christmas gifts. She's the baby of the fam, she and I were both adopted but from different Foster parent's. I was 9 mos. old and she was 4 mos. old when coming to the USA.

Kim said…
I'm going to be honest...nothing about those "cookies" look appealing! But, I'm glad you enjoy them!
Tara G. said…
ha- love the play on words! I saw these at the store this afternoon and thought of you- they come in big boxes here and have different flavors. Do they offer choices in the States?
Jill said…
HAHAHA! The last line in this post was the best.

I love biscoff cookies too. My Mom found biscoff spread that's like peanut butter but taste just like those cookies. She loves it. I thought it was too sweet. You wouldn't like it though because it's smooth and not gritty. UNLESS you were to crumble up some biscoff cookies and eat it that way...that would make it gritty. LOL

I would try these cookies your recommending...they look yummy to me! :)
sandy said…
I haven't seen these in my area (NW WI)....but they look like something I would like too!
Unknown said…
That is so funny! I want to try them now. I so get what you mean about chick fil a ice cream, I crave it and had it twice this week.
Amanda said…
I'm not sure I've ever commented on your blog before. I do not have a blog, so I just read, and I'm sorry if that's cheating :) Or if it's weird; I promise I'm not weird. Anyway, I linked to you from your friend Kelly's blog. I have to say, you are hilarious. You have such a wonderful sense of humor. So thank you!
Hahahahaha!!! What an unexpected find ; ) Have you ever seen the movie True Grit?
Sara Campbell said…
I agree with Kelly. You are weird. :) but I still love you. I'll bring you some gritty turkish cookies this summmer. Thought of you all weekend. Had a 40th girls weekend in a hotel and wished you were there. A lot.
Darlene E said…
Just so you know...Target now carries the Biscoff cookies!
Erin said…
Ha! I am laughing so hard right now. You are the funniest person ever! The last line is priceless! you should make their commercial!
Hope SK is better soon. Kinley has some awful cold too. yuck!
Megan said…
I had to try these after I read your post and they are delicious! Way better than a granola bar, in my opinion!
julie s said…
I am constantly seeing these on commercials now! Are they gluten free by any chance?

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