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God Cares about Chairs

I got our new kitchen/breakfast room table put together. I know many people have lost sleep over whether or not I would get a table and chairs. Ha!
I had bought a table about three weeks ago that had no chairs with it. I began a mission to find a deal on some good and STURDY chairs. I did not really care the color of the wood because I had every intention of painting and distressing them myself. The bad thing is that I don't really know what I am doing when it comes to painting and distressing furniture. I like to think I do, but I don't.
I spent three solid days going to flea markets, antique stores and just pure junk stores. I met some nice shop owners and some rude ones. I had a mouse/ rat run right in front of me in one store. I had some fun times and some times that I just got depressed seeing old smelly junk!
I prayed as I went to each place that the Lord would help me find the right chairs.
I spotted the chairs above on a Monday morning. I went to about five other places and decided to go back. The chairs came with a table and the man told me that I had to buy and take the table if I bought the chairs. I sure did not need the table. When I went back to the store that afternoon I sat in each chair to make sure they were good and strong. I prayed that I would know if I should buy them or not. As I was sitting in one of the chairs praying and debating on what to do , the store owner said, "Oh FIGGY PUDDING!"
Now, Figgy Pudding and Klutter are two shops in a neighboring state that take old furniture and do BEAUTIFUL things with it. They are the guru women on furniture makeovers.
When the man said, "Oh Figgy Pudding," I thought ,"Ok Lord, I just need to go to her store and find some chairs and let her work her magic on them."
A young girl and an older woman walk in the store and lo and behold if it was not Figgy Pudding herself and her Mom. I recognized her mom from a facebook picture. I stalked her through the junk and then introduced myself and told her I was trying to find chairs to go with a farmhouse table. I asked her is she had any and she said that she did not at this time. I took her over to the table and chairs I had my eye on and she encourage me to get them. She said that she had almost bought them last week. She told me she would buy the table and I could buy the chairs! BINGO! I also asked how much she would charge me to paint and distress the chairs. She gave me a good price and she even loaded the chairs on her truck and took them with her. I had no way to even get the chairs home. (We are a car family.)
Would you say that was meant to be?
God cares about the little things in our lives........even kitchen chairs.


Dina said…
The table and chairs look great! I just love how God shows his love for us!
Nancy said…
Looks Great, Laurie!! Good choice!
Jill said…
Well if that's not of God - I don't know what is! They look great!
Mary said…
You are so funny! I love your stories. Thankfully it was a mouse/rat and not a bird!! I love the table and chairs they look like they were made for the space. Hopefully alot of family dinners will occur around the table. I don't know about you but I think family dinners are so important and most people don't do that anymore. We try to eat together most nights. It's hard with teenagers but I find it is important.
Heather said…
Oh yes, He does! He definitely does! I have prayed over such ridiculous things as sick frogs... you never know what route He's going to take to show His love to you!
Kandi said…
Well that of course HAS to be of God b/c who says Figgy Pudding??? That's one of the best stories ever! I wish I lived close to you so that I could sit in one of those chairs and eat salsa from Chili's and listen to you tell stories for hours. :-)
And this is very inspirational to me b/c I am literally paralyzed and cannot make myself make one single decorating decision. I spend hours looking at things, almost buy something and then don't. Obviously I need to pray. And I'm going to now!
Tara G. said…
I love it when He just delights in all of our concerns!
Anonymous said…
Very nice!


texascrow said…
Lovely! I was definately wrong about the red table. Good job!
Lauri said…
Love them! And, better a rat than a bird for you, huh?
The Mommy said…
Great story and great table and chairs!! Isn't it awesome that we serve a God that cares about the big and small things in our lives!
jenn said…
now thats an awesome table and chairs!! and a great story!! your stories always make my day a little brighter!!
Kellie said…
Wow! Meant to be for sure. Looks great!
Amen! God does care about all the little details in our lives- I so enjoyed your table saga, Laurie! It looks great!
We updated our dining table (our everything table!) last year, as we now have 4 kids, and like to have extras for guests. My husband found at a garage sale, an 8 seater pine colonial style table and chairs in near new condition at 1/5 of the retail cost. God is good!

Bless you Laurie, your posts bring a smile to my day,
This comment has been removed by the author.
Angie said…
Totally think it was meant to be! The table & chairs look wonderful :)
Kim said…
God works out even the little things! The table and chairs look great! Perfect choice!
It made me laugh to think of you sitting in each of the chairs in the flea market! too funny!
Becky said…
I love it when a plan comes together :) Very nice.
Everday Edwards said…
Love them! They look great!

Summer said…
I love the table and chairs! So cute! Makes me want to get a new set of table and chairs, ha! Great story of how God worked everything out! So neat!
Stacey said…
Very pretty!
how perfectly did that work out?!

Sara said…
The table and chairs look great!

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