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Gone to the Dogs

Steve went hunting this weekend with Scott and so I took the girls to South Arkansas to see my parents and some dogs.
My hometown has a really nice dog show. It is quite impressive.

Emily would love to have a dog. She LOVED looking at all the dogs. I feel like we are a bother at the dog show, because Emily is just wanting one of the dog owners/handlers to let her pet or hold a dog. Those people are serious about the competition!!!!!!! But, many of them were very gracious to let the girls pet their dogs.

My parents bought Emily a dog necklace with a yellow lab on it. I am thinking that she may never take it off. (It IS really cute!)
Have you seen that show on Animal Planet called American Stuffers? It is about a man in Arkansas that will freeze dry your beloved pet for you. I have watched it a couple of times and it is really sad and VERY interesting. NO-I would NEVER have Kristen freeze dried or stuffed!! There were many vendors at the show and I was thinking about how awkward/freaky it would be if the Extreme Taxidermy man was there with a display.
Speaking of dogs.........................
We took Sarah Kate to Tulsa last week to have her sweet feet checked out. She is a toe walker.

We ate at Pei Wei. SK acted really ugly about a cookie that she had to split with Emily. She cried and pouted the whole lunch. Pleasant. She wanted the whole cookie.
Emily wanted a plate edamame beans. She loves them!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was her lunch.


Tara G. said…
I love your posts- just real life- dog shows, poutiness, green beans!:) Those girls are darling no matter what!:)
A.K.W. said…
How fun, I went to a dog show with a neighbor lady that used to live a mile down the road from us with her husband, they had no children so I was kind of like a daughter to them plus they were in Little Sister program or Little Brother one too.

We planted some edible soybeans (edamame) in our garden for the first time last year and we still have some in our freezer now.

Meg said…
I am curious as to what they had to say about her feet, I have a toe walker in my house too! :)
Kim said…
I've got to go to the dog show with you next year! :)
Leslie said…
Laurie, you always talk about South Arkansas and I'm curious where this dog show is??? I am originally from Magnolia--grew up there.
I know we must teach the importance of sharing, but I don't like to share my cookies either! HA! That face she is making is just priceless. I would ask you how you kept a straight face, but I know from first hand experience that it's not always comical in the heat of the moment.
Nancy said…
Cute as can be. If I had a farm, I would want one of each of those dogs!
Love the last picture! She could be a soy bean spokesperson :)
Heather said…
My friend Michael used to housesit for these filthy rich folks who had several dogs. They could have put the dogs in a kennel but they didn't want their babies to suffer... and they traveled quite a bit on business so Michael got to spend a lot of time in their luxurious home... getting paid for it. At any rate... they had this stuffed dog in their sunroom that we were SURE was freeze dried. They also had one pet's remains in an urn on one of their hearths. I'm a pet lover but it always gave me the heebie-jeebies to be in their home because it was a veritable pet cemetary.
Christa said…
I love your blog...your posts always make me laugh! :) Your girls are so cute!
Pam said…
I'm sorry I wasn't at Pei Wei when you were as I would have had to come say 'hi' and tell you how much I enjoy your blog (and I only read a few)and then, I'm sure, I would have felt embarrassed to have done so.
Angie said…
Stuffed Pets??? Wow, never saw that show. I know one of my ex-bosses had his dog cremated & it sits in a little black box on his desk. I personally thought that was creepy!!!
Ruth Ann said…
Hi Laurie! Just wondering what they said about her toe walking? My son is a toe walker too.
Leslie said…
Hey Laurie, I got your comment on my blog. I don't know if you get notified when I respond.

FYI: I was born in your hometown and started kindergarten at CF before we moved (longtime ago!). My dad was on staff at a Baptist church there. We moved one more time before we landed in Magnolia for good.

It's such a small world.

Love your blog--I have two girls of my own and I can relate!!!

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