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Mother's Day Weekend

The pacifier has been replaced! It has been replaced with a "soft brush" as Sarah Kate calls it! A week or so after we took the paci away, SK started asking for her soft brush at nap time and bedtime. She brushes her hair, or a stuffed animal's hair until she is asleep. I find her holding on to her brush when I go check -in on her at night. This is the scene I see every night.
I need to buy two brushes because when it is bedtime and I can't find the brush she cries.
We went to a birthday party for John Michael on Saturday. He is SK's school and church buddy.
Neely and Sarah Kate. Neely is Sarah Kate's best friend. I hear Neely's name about 25 times per day.

Mother's Day morning.
Sweet little friends- Emily, Harper, Sarah Kate and Neely after church.

We had lunch at the Stamps house. Always a fun time.
Emily at John Michael's party. She did not want to go because she knew she would be the oldest one there, but she had a good time and acted real sweet to the little kids.
The princess table for Sunday lunch

My best friend.
The sweetest baby in the world sitting right here. I could hold her for hours and never get tired. She is sooo cute!
Sarah Kate found Harper's jewelry.

It is so cool how that when Sarah Kate puts on princess jewelry or dresses she acts better. She holds her head up high and smiles more and she acts more polite.

My friend Kim called me Sunday to tell me that a HUGE blackbird had gotten in their sanctuary Sunday morning right before the sermon started. My heart just sank as she told me all about it. She said that the entire church was distracted by the bird. It even got in the baptistry and started drinking water. She said it would swoop down over the congregation's heads. She asked me if I would have stayed. I told her, "NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would have been out of there and gone home." She asked me if I would have gotten up like I was just going to the bathroom or would I have been running and screaming.
I would not have run or screamed. I would have just made low pitched grunts as I quickly walked out, biting my lips. ( I think that would have been my reaction) I don't know.....I don't want to ever find out.


Lauren said…
Laurie!!!!!!! That last paragraph has me busting out laughing. Please, can I just spend ONE day with you. All I’m asking, just one day, and then I know I’ll have my laughter fix :)
Mallory said…
You have the prettiest girls and you are just gorgeous yourself! :) I'm glad you had a great Mother's Day...and that SK is off the pacifier! ;)
colleen said…
I totaly get your bird fear, as I myself have a huge fear of birds aswell!! my friend used to have one that was cage potty trained and she would leave the door open on the cage and let it fly around her house, well it must have senced my fear cause every time i would go over it would dive bomb my head!!! once i even dove under her kitchen table to get away from it. sadly i think the bird broke up our friendship, because she didnt understand my bird fear, good luck with avoiding birds!!! just know your not the only one out there who keeps a cautious eye out for birds!!!
It broke my heart to read how devastated SK was over the loss of her beloved paci. I am so glad she found something else to soothe herself to sleep. And BONUS...she'll have really soft hair! :) I do not share your fear of birds but there is no way I would have one "swooping down" near my head! It would be time for me to leave. :)
The soft brush made me laugh! SK doesn't even look real in that picture.
The bird story makes me laugh harder. You would have died. I think I would have even died if a bird was flying around during the church service.
You need to come hold Hollis as much as you can now before she gets bigger and there will be no more babies for either of us. :-)
The Allens said…
Laurie - I thought about you twice on Saturday. First, I was in Walmart and a bird was flying around!!! Seriously. Then I went to a Woman's Luncheon. HA!
Nancy said…
She will have Marcia Brady hair in no time! I love it!
Glad you had a fun weekend!
Also glad that bird wasn't @ your church.
Karen said…
I'm sorry to be laughing...but you are just too funny! I hope you never have to know your reaction to that situation!
pamk said…
I thought of you, also, a couple of weeks ago when I went to a Volunteers Appreciation luncheon at our Good Samaritan Village here in town. Of course they served chicken salad sandwiches on croissants! They were so delicious--I wanted to sneak over to the food table and make myself a second one! :-)
dj said…
I laughed out loud when I read the last paragraph! Funniest thing I've read all day! :-)
Robyn said…
I think I might have laughed louder at this bird post than the last...the grunts and lip biting :) It is mainly because I too was scared of birds but somehow got over it and now it seems even more could really compose a little book of these stories! Great news about the paci!
Donna said…
Random question, but are you friends with Rachel (Miracle Mamma), or from the same city? I thought she wrote about a little red head girl named Neely awhile back.
Pam said…
Your bird stories alway make me laugh! I have to tell you that every time I see a bird 'where it should't be' aka INSIDE, I think of you! I was at Wal-Mart the other day and there were some little birds inside the store by lawn and garden, and then again at a Neighborhood Market! Watch out!
Your girls are so sweet!

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