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Moving on Up

Brace yourselves.

Stand back!

I got a new phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our phone contracts expired on Friday, so Steve got me a new phone.

Do I like it? NO
Will I like it? I am sure I will when I figure it out.
I sure do miss my old faithful, fit in my back pocket phone.

I can text in modern style, take pictures and have twitter, facebook and all that.
I am moving on up in the world. I know many of you are proud!


Girl--I still have an old faithful phone...have not switched to smart phone yet! ha-ha-ha. I don't even TEXT, ha-ha
Sallie said…
Laurie...this is totally off the subject of your new phone...HA! but Kelly always mentions that at your SS get together's that you ask funny or interesting questions that gets the group talking and sharing...?
Would you mind sharing a few with me? We are beginning to do the same thing, and would like some help in that area....! Thanks! Sallie Baker
Tara G. said…
my little nokia is starting its demise...
Mallory said…
Hilarious, I love it!
Cyndi said…
I do love the fact that you are moving on up. Ha! What I love even more is I think that we have the same phone. A Motorola Cliq? It's fun once you get used to it. Hope you enjoy it.
Michelle said…
So proud of you! And I'm right behind ya. My stoneage phone needs to retire soon, but it's so hard letting go.

On another note, thought you'd like knowing, our Sea Monkeys are still living - they are 5 months old now. Not sure how I let you influence my decision to get these for our little boy, but it happened. Yours died right away, if I recall correctly, so I felt this was no gamble. Ha! Oh well, we'll be proud Sea Monkey owners until the Good Lord takes them away from us. ;) Uhm, and we'll never own Sea Monkeys again. :p
Faith said…
So proud =) I promise, you will love it!
Haley said…
I have been reading your blog for a while and I just wanted you to know I love it! You are so funny and cute as can be. I love hearing all of your little stories and just FYI, I made your roast 2 weeks ago and it was to die for! Just wanted you to know :-). I live in TN and have 3 girls-5, 2 1/2 and 1- and wish we could be friends IRL. :-) Congrats on your new phone!
Ryan V. said…
I saw kelly's tweet the other day about you getting a smart phone!! Hopefully you will get the hang of it soon. What's your twitter name so I can follow? I'm @RyVaughn. Oh I thought of you today when I walked in to Home Depot. There were birds flying around, about to go in the store and I thought of you and what you would do if you were me!! hahaha :)
Green Girl said…
You are brave to get a touch screen. I'm an old school blackberry gal...I need the keys...
In fact I have two blackberrys (one for work) and was so thankful that my company did not supply iphones...whew!
Alisha Harris said…
THIS IS SOO FUNNY!!! I just got a new phone today!! I had my old one for 4 years and all it did was make phone calls... the past 6 months or so I wasn't able to dialt he number 6 or text the letters MNO, I always tell everyone you have NO idea how many words have a M, N, or O in them! sheesh! I am still trying to figure out my new fancy phone too!! Glad I'm not the only one! :)
Jenn said…
Yay for technology! We are far from a smartphone and I don't care to admit it :D

Also, I almost got attacked by a mama robin last night and all I could think of was you! I can totally relate now!
Mara said…
Love this post! I still have the old one. We just don't want the bill!!! We figured it out and it will be $1100 more a year to have them. What's funny is that we make the money. I can see I have my dads tight ways. I just won't pull it out in public, lol!

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