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Mama and Melon

For about three months now, my mother has been suffering with pain in her right arm. Finally, yesterday she saw an orthopedic surgeon who diagnosed her with Frozen Shoulder Syndrome. The real name for is is Adhesive Capsulitis Syndrome. She will have physical therapy for the next three weeks. If the therapy does not help it, she will have to have surgery.

I told the girls yesterday that Meme finally found out what was wrong with her arm.

Sarah Kate said," I know, she has blood in it!"
Emily: "We all have blood."
I said," No, frozen shoulder."
Emily said, "I know when it happened!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.........she ate a fudgesicle at our house at my birthday."

Maybe they will be in the medical field one day......................

We spent most of Mother's Day afternoon trying to find me a good seeded watermelon. We paid $7.99 and it was not even good.
I bought one today at Walmart and it was just the pits. I called WM and said, Can I return a watermelon that tastes awful?" The lady told me to bring my receipt and the watermelon. What a mess. But I did it!
I finally got a good one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love a good SWEET watermelon.


Ryan V. said…
I love watermelon too! I just got a "seedless" one (not really seedless, but they say it is...and it was pretty good, but not the best (from walmart). Hey, I have returned little cuties before. I had 2 from the bag and they were so squishy and rotten tasting. You bet I took them back and got a refund! LOL :)
Tamar SB said…
I have never commented before but read here and found your blog through Kelly's blog - I had to share my watermelon choosing technique! If you are buying whole melon lift it up - it should be heavy for its size (means lots of water!) and then bring it to your ear and thud it with your finger and it should sound super hallow - I typically try 2 or 3 melons and rarely get a bad melon!! Good luck!
Colleen said…
I have returned an empty can of paint because it didn't go on properly, so proud of you and your returned watermelon!
Mrs.Gator said…
My Mom had frozen shoulder and ended up having surgery since the PT didn't do it's job. BUT the great news about the surgery was that it was REALLY fast and she is better! She said that pain was awful and was so relieved when the pain went away!

P.S. I have never commented on your blog before, but just have to tell you that your baby Sarah Kate and my daughter were born on the exact same day in 2008. And I too hate birds and LOVE sweet watermelon haha!
(wink, wink) I know where you can get a REAL good watermelon for a STEAL of a deal....I'm not sure you want to drive this far though. We've got about 85 acres growing in my backyard!! Oddly enough, I never even ate one last year!!!
Carolyn said…
Love watermelon! Great this summer.

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Ashley said…
That story made me laugh out loud! Your girls are precious!
Terri said…
It's still early for good watermelon! The peak is around 4th of July, so just keep looking, but don't spend too much! When the prices drop, the watermelons are the sweetest. Tamar SB is right-listen for the hollow sound. And, when you slice it open, if it has cracks-yippee! My mom says they are sugar cracks, and those melons are the best!
Kate said…
Laurie: I got a text from my Mom early this morning to tell me to read your blog. She thinks you are hysterical, and now she is convinced that you two would be BFF's after the fact that you returned a water melon. I distinctly remember when I was about 7, my Mom took us to get a Christmas tree. She took it home, decorated it, and then stood back to look. She didn't think it was the right shape or something along those lines, so she un-decorated it, and TOOK IT BACK TO THE LOT! The man said that in all his years of selling trees, no one had ever brought one back for a refund! Ha!
Bethany said…
We were at Aldi today and Jackson wanted a Watermelon - I told him "no, that we had to go to Price Cutter because Mrs. Laurie said that's where the best ones were" - ha!
His Doorkeeper said…
Sorry about your Mom's shoulder. A friend here had that years ago and got over it but now I can't remember what they did...but I don't think surgery. I'll ask her next time Io see her!

You and I share a LOVE for watermelon!! Just seeing that picture made my mouth water....And it has to be just right...not too mushy nor too green...just right and sweet! I could eat a whole one myself! Seriously!

Love the girl's pictures!
EC said…
By the way, your love of Nutella inspired me to try it. I.LOVE.IT. I seriously cannot quit eating this stuff. I'm a VERY picky eater, and I thought if you liked it then I might, too. So thanks!!
Yoli said…
bahahahah! Returning a watermelon! So proud of you! I hate wasting money on food! It is so expensive these days!! Still have a box of meat I need to return. ugh! Glad you found a good one!! ☺
Her Preppiness said…
My Mom had a frozen shoulder. The therapy works.

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