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Behind the Scenes and On the Air

Emily swinging like a monkey at KLRC radio station. SK telling everyone "shhhhshhhhh" but, she was the LOUDEST one!
Emily after I had given her "THE LOOK."
Yesterday our playgroup made a little field trip to Siloam Springs for a tour of one of our local Christian radio stations. The station is KLRC-101.1. I have enjoyed this radio station ever since I moved to NWA about 16 years ago. I LOVED seeing what the place looks like and what the people behind the voices look like. I know that I enjoyed the trip a LOT more than my girls did!!!! Emily and some of her friends got to say the Pledge of Allegiance to be aired in a couple of weeks. The station records different children for the pledge that is aired every morning on their morning show.
My children made me a nervous wreck. I could just see them breaking a microphone or pushing a button that made them go live on air.
Here they are recording the pledge.

I KNOW the man that gave us a tour was sooo happy to see us leave. He was sooooo very nice and kind but I noticed he suggested we "all move outside" for a group picture.

We also went to a local park at let the kids play. I am just an old and nervous mother. Most parks make me miserable with my children because I am so nervous they are going to get hurt. They are always attracted to the highest, most dangerous equipment. I am also afraid they might run off or something. If the playground equipment is taller than about a foot and the place is not fenced in, I am miserable, but I take them because I know they LOVE it!
We took the long way home and I stopped at four antique/ junk stores. I didn't find anything I liked more than the ones I had found on Wednesday. I came back to town and bought my favorite piece to go in Sarah Kate's room. I feel I made the perfect choice. I am going to paint it a turquoise blue.


Tara G. said…
After a broken elbow, stitches, and a broken tooth between 2 kids, I am also a nervous wreck (in my own home!)!! What a fun outing!!
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
"THE LOOK'! I burst out laughing. My mom called it the evil eye.
Alyssa said…
Parks make me nervous, too, especially slides. I still climb up behind my son to make sure he doesn't fall off. So far, he's busted his chin (which needed glued shut) and just this week, knocked his top front tooth nearly out- luckily it was still a baby tooth! Both of those were on the slide. Ugh!
Laura Burciaga said…
You are so funny talking about how parks make you nervous, LOL!! I don't have any kids yet, but I can imagine!
Claire said…
What a great trip. The 'THE LOOK' photo made me laugh! As someone who has to use her "teacher" look at times it made me giggle!


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