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The Weekend

We traveled to the Memphis area this weekend to spend time with Steve's family. We had a GREAT time! Steve's brother Justin, his wife Cissy and son Reid joined us. They live in the Gulf Coast area of Mississippi. Steve's Mom and Dad gave us a couple of nights of "parents night out." They kept the kids and we went out to eat and shop and get TCBY yogurt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cissy, Reid and Pop
Kay's best friend, Ruth, brought her granddaughter over Sat night. Her name is Molly and I thought she was a little doll. She is two months older than SK.
Reid and Emily were very into a show on t.v.
Steve, Uncle Dale and Uncle Charlie
My sweet little nephew Reid and his daddy. Reid is soooo cute and sweet. Saturday went all went to the Memphis zoo. I LOVE ZOOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kay, Cissy and Justin.

Emily and Kay-K watching the monkeys.
My favorite sight at the zoo! A polar bear that put on a show for us. It was the coolest thing! I would put my hand on the glass as the bear went by me and think about I was only separated by about three inches of glass.
This is Steve's Granny. She raised EIGHT wonderful children. We loved getting to see Granny this weekend in Mississippi. The girls had fun in her moving chair. In fact, it may not work anymore after my girls got finished with it.Granny's whole family comes for a potluck lunch every Sunday after church. Those people know how to cook!!!!!!!!!!!! You talk about good..............
Uncle Justin and Aunt Cissy took Emily and Sarah Kate swimming on Sunday night. Emily got soooooooooooo cold that her lips were blue.
Reid and Emily with Pop.

I am so thankful that I married into a wonderful family. I considered it a HUGE blessing.

On a down note, Emily got sick early this morning. She is running fever and just feels YUCK. It seems that she always gets sick when we travel. Bless her heart. I am praying she is better in the morning.


Good family time! Your girls are sweet as always and Reid looks so cute in his Jon Jons!
His Doorkeeper said…
Looks like you had a great time with Steve's family! It is so important for them to see your girls! Sorry Emily was sick...hope she is better by now!
Tara G. said…
What a blessing to be near family!
Jan said…
So glad you had a nice weekend. WHat a sweet family!
Lauren said…
Awwww, so fun!!!! Sorry Emily is not feeling well :(
Anonymous said…
What a great time away and time with family. I agree I feel so blessed with the in-laws and extended family I've been blessed with! God is so good. I hope Emily feels better!
Kim said…
Looks like you had a great time!
Sarah Sharp said…
I was in Memphis this weekend too! We went to the zoo Sunday. It was soooo crowded. We could barely see the polar bears! It would have been neat to run into you. I would love to have seen those cute girls in person!
Kelley said…
ok, now i have to laugh. you are the third person i've read about - all from different parts of the country - who was at the memphis (my home town) zoo on saturday. it must have been a busy busy day there :)
Summer said…
So glad you had a great time in Memphis. I am from Memphis and my whole family still lives there (I live in cincinnati now). The Memphis zoo is one of my favorite places to go.
meurrier said…
Hi Laurie... I found your blog from Kelly's Korner, and I've been reading it for a while now. Your family is so cute! Anyway, I live in Oxford, MS, and we were at the Memphis Zoo on Saturday too. I wish I had seen you because I probably would have introduced myself! Anyway, I just thought of what a small world it is! Can't wait to see the pics you post of your clothes you are selling! Your girls are always dressed SO cute!

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