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The Time of Our Life!

Emily's preschool went on a tour of the fire station today. I went along on the trip. I don't think any child, parent or teacher had as much fun as I did. I LOVED it!!!!!!!!!!! I could have stayed there all day looking around and asking questions. I asked so many questions that I really chawed myself. This first picture is the "man cave" where they watch t.v. and movies in BIG recliners. I think there were 20 recliners and a huge movie screen. This room joined onto the kitchen.
The kids got to go in two of the fire trucks. All the firefighters were so nice and helpful.(helpful to answers my questions.) I asked what the leading cause of house fires in our city was. The answer: candles. Steve asked me if I told them they would probably coming to our house one day. I LOVE candles and have them going all the time.
The firefighters have to be dressed and ready in 60 seconds and on a truck. They have to pull out of the station within two minutes of the alarms sound. He said that they spend much of their time training. They are all EMTs or paramedics.
I could not believe all the clothes and equipment they have to have on in 60 seconds. I stood there smiling and thinking about myself as a firefighter. I am sure I would not make it through the first day of training.
I think I liked the tour a lot more than Emily, although she did have a wonderful time!


Kimberley said…
My son, who's 3, would L.O.V.E to do this, too!!! And I'm guilty of the candles!!!
Anonymous said…
Now that's a man cave! Love it :)
Our preschool classes tour the local fire station toO! It's SO CUTE to see all those big guys hoisting up those little ones!!! It melts my heart!!!!!
Kelly said…
Dressed and ready in 1 minute - nope you could not be a firefighter.
Jess :) said…
Wow!! That man cave is something else!!! When I went on a tour of one of our stations a couple of years ago (with my 1st graders when I taught that) they had nothing even close to being that cool!!!! I'm pretty sure there was a couch and a couple of chairs. Looks like the kids could've relaxed there all day!!

I'm totally with you on the question thing. I remember having TONS of questions (more than the kids) and couldn't believe how much they had to such a short amount of time, once the alarms sounded. Crazy!

Glad you got to go along for the FUN!
Laurie...u crack me up!!! I love that you chaw yourself!
Anonymous said…
Laurie, you are truly hilarious!! Last year my class went on a field trip to the Fire House to and they LOVED it!! Glad you enjoyed it!!
Tara G. said…
We took my kids this summer when we were back in the States and it was a lot of fun! I don't know if this has changed, but when we were here previously we were told housing for us was not to be above the 5th floor- the highest a truck's ladder could reach here....comforting.
Sara Campbell said…
I love love love thinking of my college BFF asking all those questions. I can just see you saying, "hmmmm." after everything they said.
Lauren said…
SO fun!!! I would have loved to have gone, too. Ha! :)
You should try the Scentsy systems unstead of candles! They are amazing! Check out my website for details. They heat wax buy a small bulb but never gets hot enough to burn you or kiddos.
Becky said…
My son-in-law, a homicide detective, calls them 'hose pullers'. I worked with them several times when taking my EMT training and those outfits are heavy! I mean heavy! We lost a mama and her two little girls to a candle fire a few years ago.
Kelly said…
What a fun field trip for the little ones! I would have loved it too :) That "man cave" is awesome - and well deserved! I hope my kids get to do a field trip just like this soon!
Ryan V. said…
Hi! I'm stopping by from Kellys Korner. That field trip looks like so much fun! I used to teach a 4 yr old preschool and we took a field trip to the fire station too. It's crazy how fast they can get ready. You're family is so cute, I'm sure I'll check back often!

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