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Emily has started going to Mission Friends on Sunday night. It is a great class. The teachers are really good and Emily has made several things. I used to go to Mission Friends when I was a little girl. The children learn about and pray for missionaries around the world. Emily and I were talking about the class one night this week and I said, "Emily, maybe you will be a missionary one day." She started crying REALLY hard and said,"NO, I don't want to, I would have to leave you and Daddy and go far away." Bless her little heart.
I went to a local consignment sale this week and got some exciting finds.

Emily's class has been talking about the letter A this week at school. They made apple pie to go along with A is for apple. Emily was really impressed and wanted to smell our cinnamon when she got home. I let her hold it, and we smelled the cinnamon all right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I was a little girl, I used to go to Wednesday night prayer meeting with my parents. Once in a while they would have a business meeting. I would hear them say, "in miscellaneous" I always thought they were saying "Miss Allaneous." I wondered why they were always talking about that lady in the meetings.


Laurie............I'm so glad Emily is going to be as funny as you are!
Ashley E. said…
Your posts ALWAYS crack me up!!! And those dresses are adorable!!!
Lauren said…
Laurie, your blog always makes me smile and laugh!!!! Love you for it :)
Angie said…
brooklynn started back mission friends tonight! im not sure what they call austins but they both love it! i wish we had consignment sales like!
Looks like you have as much fun in your household, as we do in mine. ; )
You really never know what to expect!
There is a children's book called Miss Alaneous! It is so cute!
Becky said…
I have never heard about Mission Friends. I wanted to be a missionary when I was that age. My son and his wife were - underground in China. They hope to return within the next few years.
Tara G. said…
Cute!! If you ever need anything from another country, let me know and give me a few weeks to get it through the mail to you! :)
Muffy said…
Emily just cracks me up! I read my husband the post about the birds nest she was building & we were just laughing so loud about it! Can't wait for my baby to say funny things!
Everday Edwards said…
You and your girls keep me smiling always! Love ya'll!

Erin said…
you are so funny!

You scored at Rhea Lana! My trip was a bust...Kinley was fussy and it was kind of picked over :(
KatieB. said…
Your posts are so funny! Emily is a precious child and I love reading the stories. PS: I also think it's so cute that Sarah Kate is sitting nekkid with a bow! Reminds of my little sister.
Sara Campbell said…
Poor Baby! One of my girls is not getting married, staying with us. Sure, we'll see how long that lasts once she's grown up and adored by a bunch of boys!
Mary Ella said…
I LOVE reading your stories especially how you incorporate your childhood with your girls, thanks for all the laughs!!!
I love the outfits you got at the consignment sale!!!

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