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OH MY JOSH! That seems to be the favorite phrase for Emily right now. My mother told me that I am always saying ," oh my gosh" and Emily has just picked it up from me. She just has a letter wrong.
Well, I heard "OH MY JOSH" for every bow I pulled out of the box from Allison today. Allison is the bow making queen and she does them right! We are blog friends and she sent my girls these bows today. WE LOVE THEM! They are so cute, good quality and you can even wash them.

They had to check themselves out in the mirror with the bows on. Sarah Kate was thrilled too. She was saying "Happy Birthday to me" as I was showing her the bows. If you are wanting some good ,cute bows contact Allison at: You will not be disappointed.

I left her alone for about three minutes on Friday. Emily starts saying,"OH----MY----JOSH!" This picture was made right after I took the marker away and put it in a high high cabinet. It will stay there till she is at least eight.


Anonymous said…
I am laughing SOOOOO HARD at OH MY JOSH!! I love it!!! Emily is hysterical, and SK's a mess!! Two cuties for sure!! I am glad you and the girls love the bows! I was soooo happy to do it for them, and Harper! I hope they get lots of wear out of them! Thank you for giving my hairbows some blog love!! I appreciate you asa a friend!!
Anonymous said…
P.S. I hope the marker was washable!! She was obviously devestated that you are putting her marker up until she's 8!! :)
Tara G. said…
My friend's little boy took a permanent one to her ivory fabric on the dining room chairs.... I refuse to have them in the house until I am sure we're past that stage and I only slightly freak out on the inside when I see they've had them at church. I probably should get over it!

The bows are darling and love the new phrase!!
Sarah Sharp said…
lol! I feel like I can laugh at SK because Will has done that a couple of times. Once with marker and once with mascara.
Miranda said…
ha ha.. OH MY JOSH! Those bows are absolutely ADORABLE!!!!! And I'm so tickled at the blue marker explosion..LoL. Ahhh the things kids find! ;-)
Oh my josh I LOVE the Halloween bow!
Jennifer said…
There is never a dull moment at your house is there? You crack me up!
Ashley E. said…
Oh my!!! I don't know what made me laugh more, the girl's saying "oh my josh", happy birthday to me!, or the marker! Haha! So precious!
Anonymous said…
You girls are too precious and funny! Happy birthday to me :) Yesterday my husband came home from work with ink on his face much like your daughter because he had chewed on a pen. Silly!
Anonymous said…
OMJ!!!!! sk is a mess. heaven help her!!!! :)
Lynn said…
The bows are absolutely adorable! All of them1! Esp. love the Halloween, but then I'm partial, b/c I'm a Halloween baby. =)
Oh my goodness, Emily is a hoot! Kids sure love those markers! Poor SK -- she'll soon forget about that marker you hid. ;)

Love your blog, Laurie!
Lauren said…
I'm sorry, but this is sooooo hilarious!!!! And those bows are too cute!!!!
Beth Whitehill said…
OH.MY! I love that picture of SK crying, its just so funny!! I just love your blog and your sweet girls. I follow you from Kelly's!

I kept thinking of you (I know, its weird...I don't even know you!) but I made some salsa and I have read about your love of it...I have a recipe for you, I think its the kind you like!! I couldn't find your email on the blog...
my email is elizabethwhitehill @ gmail (dot) com
Kelly said…
Oh my josh on SK and the marker!
The bows are so cute! I loved the one E was wearing today!

I saw "oh gosh" a LOT too and especially when Harper has a stinky diaper - while I'm wiping it so Harper has started saying CONSTANTLY "oh gaaaah". ha! "Oh be careful little ears what you hear..........."
Jennifer said…
OH MY JOSH! That is simply precious!

Those hairbows are so cute! I will have to go take a look since I have so many friends in real life and the blog world that are pregnant or just had babies! It seems like a baby boom is going on huh!?! What could be better! :)

I cannot believe that SK drew all over herself! I bet you were astonished when you walked in to see that! I can remember drawing all over myself with markers when I was little and my mom was so mad at me because it didn't want to come off in the bath. I walked around for a couple days with marker all over me...and it was on my FACE! My little friend and I decided it would be fun to put on make-up with markers so you can imagine how silly I looked!

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