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I have always LOVED music! When I was in the 2rd grade my uncle Baxter sent me a guitar for Christmas. I was so proud of that guitar. I thought I was really good at playing too. Haha! I got a nice (REAL) guitar my 11th grade year.

In third grade I got a piano for Christmas from my parents. I began taking lessons and hated to practice. I believe I took piano lessons for 4 years. I guess I developed the ability to play by ear. I can pick out the tune of songs on the piano, but I have trouble adding the left hand chords to go with it.

In the 6th grade I wanted a drum set so bad that I just hurt. In the 6th grade I got a snare drum and in the 7th grade I got a drum set. I also began playing trumpet in 6th grade band. Ha ha! That makes me laugh to think about me playing the trumpet. My friend Beth told me that she would give me any piece of furniture in her house if I would play a trumpet tune at our 20 year class reunion this Summer. I LOVE her furniture, but not that much.
I only stayed in band for two years. In 7th grade I played french horn.

From 6th grade till my 12th grade years I played in the church hand bell choir and sang in the youth choir. I would sometimes sing solos at Sunday night church. Looking back...I can't believe I did that. I would not sing in front of a church now for anything. I was also in my high school choir.
When I graduated from college and was on my own, I bought a nice guitar and started taking lessons. I took lessons every Saturday for several years. I LOVED IT!!!!!!!! I learned a few things and mastered two or three songs pretty well. I played guitar for our singles group for a while. I was pushy and they were DESPERATE. During that time I bought an electric guitar. I later traded it in for an electric/acoustic guitar. I still have it and it sits in the corner of our bonus room. The only hands that ever touch it belong to Emily and Sarah Kate.

One of my favorite things about living in Fayetteville was listening to live music at different coffee houses. There is nothing I like better than a cup of good coffee and listening to a talented musician.

Was I good at any of this music stuff???? NO! But, I sure did enjoy it. I still LOVE the guitar, but having children has taken away from my playing time.

The following people and groups are some of my all time favorites. I know I have more, but I have been making this list for a few days. These are the ones that have come to my mind first.

Fernando Ortega
Tracy Chapman
Johnny Diaz
Marc Cohen
JJ Heller
Ronnie Freeman
Michael McDonald
Five for Fighting
David Wilcox
Jonatha Brooke
James Taylor
Bebo Norman
Caedmon's Call
Sara Goves
John Mayer
Shane and Shane
Carrie Underwood
Dave Barnes
David Crowder
Ross King
Travis Cottrell
Casting Crowns
Keith Green
Johnny Cash
Matthew Puckett
Graham Colton
Brendan O'Shea
Charlie Hall
Travis Tritt
Jared Anderson
Kari Jobe
Shaun Groves
Nicole Nordeman
Russ Lee
Kenny Loggins
Rob Thomas
Steven Curtis Chapman
Jenna Nicholls

Any suggestions of some musicians I should check out? Who is your favorite? I am curious.


Everday Edwards said…
No suggestions, but you are one talented lady! I want to hear you play guitar sometime! I love the guitar. My dad plays and Josh plays, but I'm so musically challenged neither one will put much effort into teaching me. I guess it's better that way.

The Irish Lass said…
I love Alison Krauss and Norah Jones. I saw Norah Jones in concert and she has the most beautiful voice. And her music is so relaxing, you would love it!
Becky said…
Michael Card. Before each concert he will say, 'If you expect to see flashing lights and dancing ladies, you won't. What you will hear, is singing to The Only One worth singing about. His concerts are very plain and he shares amazing truths from The Word. He also plays the guitar - upsidedown because he is a lefty!
The Ormons said…
I had no idea you could play the guitar. That is on our list for Reid. Justin and him both are going to take guitar lessons together. Just think what family get togethers would be like, you, Justin and Reid playing the guitar for us. Very Cool.....
Kimberley said…
I love your love of music! And even more when I saw Kenny Loggins! :) Did you see him at the Walton Arts Center?
Anonymous said…
I love this post! I played the viola, the clarinet, and the piano :) I quit the clarinet in junior high because I thought it wasn't cool to carry my instrument home after school. Yikes :) A good coffeehouse and live musician sounds great right about now!
Laurie said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kelly said…
I am literally so tired and crazy that I was thinking about you when I left a comment and signed under your name to do it???? I have lost my mind. (Maybe I wanted you to think you were stalking yourself) ha! ha!

What I was trying to say is your posts get better and better every day and I love your list. And I laughed out loud when I saw Travis Tritt!!! :-)
Rebekah said…
I forgot you played the guitar! Loved your list.
I enjoyed your post so much! I'm a few (or more) years older than you and Kelly, and was delighted to see Keith Green on your list- he's my husbsnd's favourite!

Also from the early days of CCM, I remember Phil Keaggy's "The Master and the Musician"- beautiful guitar music, and Randy Stonehill and Amy Grant had some nice albums back then.

My tastes have mellowed over the years. These days I listen to hymn albums, a lot of Elvis Presley, and love Selah, Celtic Woman, as well as Randy Travis' Christian recordings.

Tara G. said…
Laurie, I loved reading your post! I am a musician(I stuck with the trumpet a little longer than you, though and got my masters in performance), and totally understand the time issue- my own playing time has been drastically reduced with kids, homeschooling, moving, etc. I miss it a lot!
Lauren said…
LOVE your list, Laurie… and I just learned something new about you. We should have had you break out some instruments or sing a solo during Beth Moore in ATL, haha!!!! :)
Love love love the new blog header!! So cute :)
Mica said…
Laurie, I started following your blog from Kelly's. I have enjoyed watching your girls grow and love hearing about them. I had to laugh out loud about your post. I would have never in my wildest dreams thought of you playing a guitar. :) I agree with a previous comment: Alison Krauss.
And maybe you could take that electric guitar and play us some Lynyrd Skynryd.... Mica Craig
Jennifer said…
It makes me 10 kinds of happy that you like Dave Barnes! He is great! You should check out Matt Wertz and Gabe Dixon Band too!
Melissa Miller said…
Great list full of talent Laurie.
I see you mentioned a few people from AI. My all time favorite is David Cook. He is so talented. He is an amazing and good hearted person as well. I'm sure you heard the sad story about his brother. He is supposed to have a new album out soon. His debut album rocked.

Have a blessed day.
~Melissa :)
Sallie said…
Do you like Addison Road...?

Love them!
Kim said…
I knew you played guitar some but I never knew about all the other instruments you play! How did I miss this? I have to admit the thought of you playing the trumpet and french horn made me giggle! The next time we go for dinner I want to hear you sing!!
Krista said…
Hi Laurie, I am a new reader, coming over from Kelly's blog, and love reading more about your sweet family! A couple of artists I love that you may like are Jack Johnson and John Hughes. They are both pretty mellow musicians.
Rebecca said…
I am SO happy to have run across your blog! Let's see if you can remember who I am... OBU alum, former Camden resident? :) Love your list/love of music! Rebecca (Becky)
Odie Boggs said…
I LOVE music!!! It's my life! The Isaacs are my favorite!!!! If you have XM check out Enlighten channel 34. I love Southern Gospel. Other favorites are: Karen Peck & New River, Jeff & Sheri Easter, The Gaither Vocal Band, Jason Crabb, Austins Bridge & Many More!!!!

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