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The County Fair

My parents came to visit a few days last week. We had a really good time with them. Saturday morning, we all went to the fair. I think we were crazy to go because it was sooooooo HOT! We went last year and the girls LOVED it. Emily has been talking about the fair for a year now.

This is right before we left for the fair.
We were looking at the rabbits here. I felt so sorry for them because they were so hot.
Emily got to pet a goat.
How I feel after a good dinner at Chili's.
My girls LOVE chips. Sarah Kate was enjoying her Cheetos. Don't you just love Cheetos fingers?

There were some baby baboons at the fair this year. They were in a little fence. It was not really meant to contain them. One of the baboons spotted Steve and came and jumped all over him. The monkey ended up on Steve's back, so he leaned down and let it crawl down his arm back into the fence. (I have always thought I looked like a baboon.)
The reason the girls were at the fair: THE RIDES! They had fun ,but got soooo hot.

" Curiosity killed the cat."
Sarah Kate and I went back to the car early to cool off.
We DID have a really good time. But, it would have been a lot better 20 degrees cooler.


The Ormons said…
Just think how fun that would be if it was Disney World in Feb... hint hint
Kimberley said…
it was hot, wasn't it?!!! did you go inside the smallest woman? :) i didn't, wonder what was in there? :)
Faith said…
Haha! That pig pic and the Chili's comment cracked me up! It looks like y'all had fun, despite the heat. I'm so ready for fall!
Oh my! Makes me break a sweat just looking at your pics! I thought I was going to melt picking up Ella from kindergarten today.
Kelly said…
I'm sad we missed out on the fair. But I would have died in the heat.

And you make me laugh!
Next year we all need to go together. It would be a crazy mess of kids, but so much fun!

I would have died if a baboon would have jumped on my back!!!
Sara Campbell said…
I needed the laugh from the pig photo. :)
Anonymous said…
Love your post! Seeing this reminds me of my favorite movie-STATE FAIR. It is an old Rodgers and Hammerstein musical that I grew up watching with my granny. She loves those musicals, and now so do I! The picture of the pig is hilarious, because of your comment! I hope yall had a good time!! We love to go to our fair, the National Peanut Festival in Dothan, Alabama. It's wonderful!! And its in November...even better!
Tara G. said…
Fun!!! Laughing at the billboard; there is one here with a lady holding small paving stones over her {ahem} front...can you even imagine Home Depot doing something like that!?!?
Lauren said…
Stop saying you look like a baboon, because you DO NOT!!! HAHA!! So fun and adorable pics :)
Beth said…
DID YOU SEE THE Smallest woman? I was so curious, but I would feel bad paying to see her, and then she just sitting there in the heat... I need to know, what was she like?
Also, loved the pig photo. We were hot too. But always love the fair. The last three years it has been so wet!
Bonnie said…
I love the pig picture & your caption...that is how I feel after a good meal at Chilis too!
Ryan V. said…
This is random, but my husband and I flew from salt lake city to milwaukee (we had two apartments in two states at the time) to meet the movers to pack our things to move to phoenix (whew...). Long story short, we were in milwaukee for just one weekend and we went to the WI state fair. They had the SAME "worlds smallest woman" AND the "half snake lady". Is it bad that we each paid 50 cents to go in the worlds smallest woman thing!?? oops! It really was a small woman from Haiti but she wasn't as small as the thing was advertising. I felt really bad for her. They also had a "worlds smallest horse" but we could see through the crack of the "stage" and it was just a pony! Silly fair things! :)

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