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Baby Face

I am sooooo thankful to say that Sarah Kate's face is almost back to normal. Thank you Aquaphor for speeding up the healing. SK's hair looks like fluff and puff in this picture and I love it! I like big hair!

Also, thank you for the compliments on the red chest. I used a color from Sherwin Williams called Salute. I painted it, and then used sand paper to take paint off on the edges and ridges.


Run26.2Mom said…
Pretty girl ready for a fun day! Glad she is not suffering from the rash any longer.
Have a good weekend.
Kimberley said…
she is precious! and love the pop of color the red chest adds - good job! have a great weekend!
Jennifer said…
I am so glad to see her faced healed up quickly! Bless her sweet heart!

You are right about her hair! It looks like she did a freeze-it poof on it! :)
The Ormons said…
She looks so cute in these pics. I am so glad her face healed quickly.
Jan said…
Laurie - I'm probably going to seem like a crazy woman stalker; but, I read Kelly's blog and I saw a picture of the play kitchen the girls were playing with at your house. If you don't mind, can you email me and tell me where you purchased it? I would really appreciate it.

Erin said…
SO glad SK is better...bless her. I just hurt for her seeing the pics.

I, too, love your chest. I need some lessons in painting furniture. My dream is to have a storage room full of furniture that I can swap around in my house! Just need to learn to fix it up!
Lovin the puffy hair!! I love when I take Ella's hair down from a pony tail because it is puffy. So happy to see her face is better!

I forgot to tell you how much I LOVED the red dresser!! I love doing that kind of stuff too! It looks so good!
The Garners said…
I'm glad she's better!
Jess :) said…
SOOOO CUTE!!! I've obviously missed out on a lot, so I'm off to catch up on your blog. My 2nd graders aren't leaving me much time for ME!!! ;)
Anonymous said…

A couple of things:
1. Your girls are too stinkin cute!
2. I am pretty sure I LOVE SK's shirt!
3. I wish I was as crafty as you!
4. Do you hire out, becuase my house could use some Laurie help! You can paint anything you want! :)
5. I am glad SK's face is back to its beautiful self!

Kim said…
SK looks just as cute as ever! I love the RED chest you painted! Red is one of my favorite accent colors.
Kim said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Abramyan Avenue said…
Love all your photos from the fair! Did you go see the Worlds Smallest Woman? And was it the young lady from Haiti? We had her here in San Antonio and it just really disturbed me. I felt like I did something wrong going in to see her. I didn't expect a real person. I thought it would be some illusion. It was terrible! I actually wrote a post about how uncomfortable it made me!
Mike and Kara said…
Laurie - I am not a stalker either (but did find you through Kelly's blog) and I too would like to know where you purchased your kitchen. I have an almost 1 year old daughter who I think would like one!! My email is
I am so glad her face is better!!
Lauren said…
Sweet thing, glad her face is all back to normal!!!

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