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Five Years

Steve and I have been married 5 years today! I am so thankful to have him as my husband. We have so much fun together. I was looking in the mirror this morning thinking,"I look very different than I did five years ago today." I have gained lots of weight, but I have also gained two little girls that we think are wonderful. (Babies are not the reason for my weight gain, I just don't know when to put the fork down.)

Guess how I have spent my anniversary?
I have spent a majority of my time getting a root canal.

I have been in terrible pain for over a week after getting a temporary crown. I had an x-ray on Thursday and it was determined that I needed a root canal ASAP.
The root canal did not hurt at all, in fact I welcomed it because I knew it was going to make me better. It was exhausting to have to keep your mouth wide open for two hours as he worked on my very back tooth. I am numb still but I know I am going to be so much better off.

I love you Steve and I am so thankful for you!


Happy Anniversary!
5 years ago I was having so much fun in my red dress at your wedding - watching you take 1000 pictures and feeling bad for you on the honeymoon mess up! ha!
Steve is a perfect husband for you! So worth the wait!
Happy Anniversary! Hope the root canal does the trick, too!
His Doorkeeper said…
Happy Anniversary Laurie and Steve! You are just a precious couple...we are so glad you found each other!! God does work it all out, doesn't He?
Happy Anniversary! We missed you this morning. Hope everything feels better now!
Anonymous said…
Happy #5, Laurie and Steve!! I wish you many more blessings during your marriage. Sorry you needed a root canal--I hope you feel better soon. Tooth pain is horrendous. :( I am hoping this brings much needed relief. xo
Rebekah said…
Happy Anniversary! Time goes so fast! Steve is one lucky guy to have such a beautiful, Godly wife!! Hope your tooth mouth gets to feeling better...that is no fun!
Tracy said…
Happy Anniversary Laurie and Steve.
Tara G. said…
Congratulations- on 5 years and the tooth! :) We celebrate 9 on the 28th- it goes by fast, doesn't it?!
Lauren said…
Well, sounds liek you took it all like a champ!!!!!!! Happy Anniversary to you and Steve :) :)
Kelley said…
Happy Anniversary!

I am so sorry you had to have a root canal, but I hope you are feeling better soon.
Everday Edwards said…
Happy Anniversary! You are a sweet couple. Hope you continue feeling better.

Everday Edwards said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bonnie said…
Happy Anniversary! Our 5-year anniversary is November 5th & I'm excited :) This year I'm pregnant with our first (a boy) & due the first week of January. We are so blessed! You look great Laurie...

Lynn said…
Happy Anniversary and congratulations on 5 years, Laurie & Steve!! Newlyweds!! =) You have blessed with 2 beautiful girls!

Enjoy reading your blog, Laurie!
Jill said…
Happy Anniversary! I am a long-time reader of Kelly's....first saw her blog a couple years ago on Boo Mama's Christmas Tour of Homes. I am scheduled for a root canal Tuesday for the very same reason as you. Except this is my 5th root canal....hard to believe. I was not blessed with good teeth. They do take a few days to fully recover from. Hope you're feeling OK now!
kim_brough said…
Root canal-- gross!
I'd love to see a wedding pic!
Teresa said…
Happy Anniversary and Congratulations! What a blessing you are to Steve and he to you! I hope by now you are feeling so much better! Root canals are no fun!
The Irish Lass said…
What a week you have had! It has just been one thing after another. Praying for you!
Mary Avery said…
I have been thinking about you and praying for you today. I was VERY worried yesterday at church when you said that two antibiotics had not worked yet. I hope you can get everything worked out and get well!! PLEASE let me know if you need anything or need anyone to keep Sarah Kate!
Mary Ella said…
Laurie, I just heard about what all is going on with you right now and wanted you to know that you are our prayers. April
Bear Girl said…

I am praying for you and for this infection to be cleared up.


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