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I have really missed blogging!  We have had computer troubles that have kept me away from my blog!  I have a ton of pictures that I could post, but I won't.
Today is my 43rd Birthday!  It has been a WONDERFUL DAY!!!!!  I have had lots of fun, encouragement some good ole relaxation!  (Along with Chili's chips and salsa!  Enough for 6 grown men!)
My sweet girls worked really hard last night in their fairy costumes to create a Birthday party for me.  They spent about an hour and half getting it all set up and decorated.  They did it upstairs and told me could NOT go up there today.  I honored their wishes.  Tonight, they called me up there and had it all decorated.  They had a cake and games.  It was so cute and they were so proud and excited!!!!!!!  They have been SOOOOOO excited about my birthday for the past several weeks.  They had a crown for me! They had homemade cards, prizes, favors, gifts and a treasure box!  We played Bingo!  It was all so cute!



Melissa said…
oh i have missed you! and your girls and the birthday party, it brought tears to my eyes. SO VERY SWEET!

Welcome back, happy birthday!
Tara G. said…
They are so precious! What a great party!! :)
Tracy said…
Happy Birthday! Sounds like a fun day!
Unknown said…
Happy (late) Birthday!! I was just reading Kelly's blog and had to stop by to tell you how cute your Easter dress was. You looked adorable!
Odie Boggs said…
Fyi there is a blogger app for iPhone.
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