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Kristen VS. the Vet

Last Monday was the day I dread EVERY year.  Kristen had her yearly visit to the vet.  Day of disaster.  I really don't think any cat acts as bad as she does at the vet.  The past two or three times I have taken Kristen to the vet, the Dr. has given me names and numbers of vets closer to my house.  A nice way of saying,  "we don't ever want to deal with her again."  I took the hint.  I took her right  down the road last Monday.  I told them about how the other vet had to use gloves and an armored blanket and call techs in for assistance.  I heard them calling for help and I told them I would sit in lobby because it made me too nervous.  I sat in the lobby and heard HORRIBLE sounds from Kristen.  Sounds that would cause your heart to stop for a split second.  Within 2 minutes, the tech was bringing Kristen out in her carrier.  The Vet came out and explained that no exam was given.  Kristen would not allow it.  They managed to give her a shot ( I think through the carrier).  Kristen attempted to kill the Vet and her staff.  The good news:  I did not have to pay for an exam!
Trying to get Kristen in the carrier to get her to the vet is a whole other story!
I LOVE Kristen.  Notice the white angel on her chest. 


Carrie said…
So we had a cat like this growing up. Otherwise he was a sweet cuddly cat but put him in a cat carrier and to the vet and forget it. He did a little better if we took him with our other cat but not greatly. So we started giving him a tranquilizer. It might be worth it to you. Our cat destroyed numerous carriers, yes the thick carriers. He was huge, nearly 25 lbs. He was fat at one point but a very long cat.
Tara G. said…
Is it wrong that Kristin posts are some of my favorites?! Truly, I'd take you out for chocolate after that ordeal!
Aja said…
This probably makes my parent sound irresponsible which I assure you they are not- they've had tons of animals, taken them for expensive surgeries, lots of meds, cared for them through long-term illnesses etc. But they have one cat named Molly- she's fat, skittish and scared of practically everything. She lays in the back bedroom most of the day and only comes out to eat when they dogs have gone to bed. I asked my mom how she does at the vet and my mom said "I don't take her." I was shocked but my mom said "she never goes outside and all the other animals go so I just leave her alone." LOL.
Becky said…
I have a chihuahua like that. They call her the cujo dog at the vet and you can just see the tech squirm and try to find something else to do when I bring her in...
Annsterw said…
Aw! Poor Kristen! Maybe something terrible happened to her before you got her?! My late cat Lucky was a stray that I took in and she was like that too! I am convinced that someone abused or hurt her when she was a kitten. Love the angel!! She is adorable~~~~
Amy said…
Hi Laurie! I love to read your stories! I have a male cat that is the most dreaded patient at my vet clinic. I actually had the receptionist ask me when my cat would be back for his shots. When I asked why, she said she needed to know so she could take a vacation day! He is so sweet and cuddly for us but he makes no pretense that he hates the vet clinic! Amy
besskm said…
I love your post about the cat. They are the best. I always want to be there to watch it all go down. My best friend has a cat like Kristen. She doesn't like many people - she hates my husband and tries to kill him every time we are at their house.
Kim Oliver said…
I am dying over the fact that they just brought her back to you without an exam! hahahahaha
Casey said…
Our last cat who passed a couple years ago was exactly like this! He was great with us and the kids but horrible with guests and horrible with the vet!! Our vet wore those gloves, had the blanket and used all the techs available, usually 3-4. Finally they prescribed him sedatives that we had to give him before we went. He still wasn't nice and they had to wear protection but they could get the exam done. His reflexes were slower so they could handle him. He got very sick a couple years ago and my husband took him to the vet and when he came home (Reagan had to be left overnight for surgery the next day) he said "I think Reagan is going to die". I asked why and he said that he didn't put up a fight during the exam. Bless his heart, he died the next day during surgery.
Tracy said…
Poor Kristin! Is she too stressed? Is she friendly to people when they visit your home? Maybe you could find a vet that makes house calls (some do!).
Unknown said…
My mom's cat (who used to be my cat) has to be sedated the moment he gets to the vet, otherwise they won't examine him! He also has to be shaved because he's a long-hair cat who gets bad hairballs. He has to be sedated for that, too!
Unknown said…
My fear of cats is like your fear of birds. The thought of this girl at the vet literally terrifies me. Sweet mercy!
Melissa Miller said…
Lol, love your Kristen posts and that angel is the neatest thing.
Molly P. said…
A good friend from college is a vet in Dallas, and she sent me essentially prozac for cats. It saved me when I had to travel with my cat. You might want to ask your vet about it. I would give it to him about 30 minutes before it was time to put him in the carrier, and he would sleep most of the way (2 hours) then it usually took him about an hour or so to fully wake up and be back to his normal self.
Angie said…
Oh my goodness, this post made me laugh so hard! Poor Kristin, and poor you!
emily said…
My little Bowie is the same way. When I took her in once I told them that the last time I was in she needed wrapped in a towel to get her shots and the tech said "yes, i read that in her file." She has a wrap sheet already!!

But she will let the tech trim her claws without problem. When I do it, I've got her wrapped in a towel with both legs wrapped around her pulling one paw out at a time.

Cats are so moody! :)
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