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Art Camp and Skin Scare

The girls have participated in an art camp this week.  The camp was wonderful!  It explored visual art but also touched on all the arts.  SK was part of a music club and E was a part of the fashion club.  Emily was able to do this camp with one of her best friends and that made it even more fun.

Last week I went to the dermatologist for a skin cancer screening.  They took off a mole on my back and sent it off to pathology.  I found out a couple of days ago that it was a Dysplastic Nevi.  That puts me at high risk for Melanoma.  I will NOT be missing my yearly screening. 


Tara G. said…
What a fun camp! My oldest would love that. We used to have an artist come to the apartment for private lessons once a week when we were overseas. She charged me $16 for 3 hrs worth of instruction. Miss that!
Charity said…
I have been meaning to make an apt with a new dermatologist. I think you just convinced me.
Angie said…
That camp sounds like a blast! Glad the girls enjoyed.

I had a cancer check about a year ago. I'm due another.
Deena said…
Jacie loves going to art and music camps too.

Does Crystal Bridges offer camps for kids?

I had a melanoma mole 15 years ago. Had to go to a surgeon. It turned out fine, but it scared me! I really avoid the sun now and get regular checks.
Amy said…
Hi Laurie: I had the same thing happen to me in 1996. I have yearly screenings and anything that I question, I see the dermatologist right away. Take care! I love your blog. AMY
Rebecca said…
I've had several days plastic nevi taken off over the years. About 5 yrs ago my father had melanoma. Every six months he goes & they take off a spot or two & it's been fine. Since he was diagnosed I've been going to the derm once a yr for a thorough skin check. I missed last yr, but had a small spot on my nose so went in & it came back as basal cell carcinoma! It hadn't been there for a year, so missing last yr's appt didn't make a difference for this spot. I had to have MOHS surgery on it to have cut out, but was bleeding a lot, so had to have a second surgery to cover it w/ a skin graft. I'm still healing, so don't know how much it will scar, but it's better than having part of my nose cut off. So, I'll never miss an annual appt at derm again! I think I may have a spot on my arm. I was raised & still live in sunny AZ, so it's just a result of exposure. I've always made sure my kiddos are covered have sunscreen on, as well as myself & have worn hats for the past several yrs too.

Sorry this was so long winded! You can read about this on my blog if you're interested!

Take care! :) rebecca

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