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Mother's Day and the Big Girl Closet

 I was so happy to have my mom visit us for Mother's Day weekend.  I am so thankful for a wonderful and wise mother!

We had a little photo session Sunday afternoon.

My dad got roses for me and my mother!  Very sweet of him.

I got a little sad about a shopping spree that we had Saturday afternoon.  I usually love to shop, but not this day.  Emily has started wanting to choose her own clothes.  She has always been very agreeable about what she wears until a couple of months ago.  She is finishing up her second grade year.  I have managed to dress her like a sweet little girl, but I am seeing that it is time to move on.  We moved on to Justice for Girls.  Emily was happy as could be to be in there.  I have stayed away from there as long as possible.  She selected a couple of outfits and she is so proud of them.  She says they are so fancy.  She is growing up and it is very bittersweet.
Being a mom is HARD.


Brittney said…
Oh goodness. I am dreading the Justice days. I recently realized that it used to be the Limited 2 and I LOVED shopping there as a girl, but everything is glittery with more glitter and sayings...I am sure Emily will look adorable in whatever she chooses!
Mary Ella said…
I saw you at lunch at Fred's. I wanted to come say hi but I did not want to interrupt your meal. Your parents parked right beside us! They are so cute to watch, such a true love!
Tara G. said…
It IS hard! We're encountering some situations now and thankfully our kids have not bucked on our responses regarding their involvement, but it's just going to get harder.
Kim Oliver said…
I was noticing in picture last week that she is looking more mature and "young ladyish"...not little girlish. She's growing up too fast!
Lauri said…
Ah yes Justice. My oldest now thinks, at age 14, that it looks like unicorn poop in there. Lol! It will pass! My youngest at age 12 just grew out of it and is sovsad. Last year at school she got a class award for the most bling. Lolol!
Kathleen said…
My girls are older teens now and I have realized that every stage is so important into them developing into confident young women. Don't hold her back. Let her grow with her friends and give her a little "social currency" to let her feel special. Don't worry about what you are leaving behind. Look forward to every new day with your girls.
Kathleen said…
Another thing that I am realizing with a almost 17 and 15 year old girl is that sheltering them as little ones backfires on you when they get to high school. The content of the reading in their English classes and the conversations on the bus or at sporting events have gone over their heads and is embarrassing for them. When I had an eighth grader studying "To Kill a Mocking Bird" she had never heard of the "N" word nor what it could mean. I had to explain to my other daughter all the curse words because she was being teased for not understanding. Being a mother is HARD. You would not believe the content in 10th grade advanced English short stories! Makes me feel like an old prude!
Sarah said…
Ahhh, Justice. I am the mean mom that totally will not buy anything with "bling", so most of the stuff in Justice is a no-no for me. (I don't think it looks bad, I just cannot do the glitter everywhere. Gives me a panic attack just thinking about it!)

I will say that my 8 year old finds a lot of stuff she likes (and I can tolerate) at Dillards and Target of all places. She did just pick out a pair of denim overall shorts that I was all for. I can't wait to show her the pics of that in 10 years and see how cool she thinks they are then! ;)

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