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Your Nose Knows- Perfume Post

 Last week I was at the mall and decided to make a quick stop at Pottery Barn.  I had some Christmas money with me and decided I would get a quince scented candle.  MY FAVORITE CANDLE OF ALL TIME!!!!!-QUINCE!!  As I made my way straight to the candle shelving, I noticed the packaging had changed.  I began making my way around the shelves to find my quince candle.  GONE!  I found the closest sale clerk and asked about the quince candle.  Her reply, "it has been discontinued."  I said, "Well of course it has, just like every food, perfume and candle I love."  The lady looked a little stressed at my reaction and I don't think she knew how to respond.  Another customer said, "Well, no store carries my favorite perfume and I have to order it on line."  I was STEAMED!!!!!!!!!!!!  It had been replaced with tomato vine scent!  It is horrible, but I guess a lot of people get excited over the scent of a tomato vine. Another new scent was Gray Moss- GROSS, but I guess Gray Moss is appealing to some folks.  I went over to the clearance shelves.  AND there it was,  the last quince candle I would ever have.  It was sitting among the old, rejected, ugly, dusty, stinky items that no one would ever want.  Story of my life!  What does that say about me?  I guess I LOVE foods and scents that most all other people HATE!!!!!!!!!!  BUT,  I LOVE my taste, even if I am the only one on earth that likes it. 

SOOOOOOO....take my perfume favorites with a "grain of salt."  Ha!  Consider the source!
 I am obsessed with perfume!  I could smell of perfumes for hours.  I am always looking for a good scent.  I wear perfume everyday!  I have loved perfume ever since I was in high school.  I think I first started wearing perfume in the 10th grade.  My first fragrance was Estee Lauder Private Collection.  I STILL LOVE IT!!!!!!!!  They have a new Private Collection that I do NOT like, which came out within the last year or so.

The above fragrance in Hermes Un Jardin Sur Le Nil.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!  I just got it last weekend.  The longer I wear it the better it gets.  The fragrance goes on very spicy and woodsy, but as it settles it changes for the better.  It is a very green and clean scent.
 Here is my bathroom cabinet full of my favorite scents.
 I get the MOST compliments on Happy in Bloom.  It only comes out once or twice a year and each store gets a small amount of them.  When they are gone, they are gone.  It comes out in January and they sometimes get a few of them at Mother's Day.  It is clean, fresh and flowery.  It never gets too sweet.  I wear this one more than any other.
 Light Blue is very popular and smells so clean and fresh with a hint of apple.  Love this in the Summer!
 My favorite Fruity scent:  Victoria Secret Bombshell.  I get lots of compliments on this too, but it only lasts about an hour...fades very very quickly.
 I got the Chanel Madamoiselle for Christmas.  It is spicy and sweet, but smells so good.  My girls LOVE to smell it.  It is more of a heavy, winter scent
 I wear Banana Republic Wildbloom from time to time.  I don't think I will ever purchase it again, but it does smell great and I have enjoyed it.
 STRONG BOLD FLOWERS describes Michael Kors.  Steve does not like it too much and my mother thinks it is horrible.  I actually like it....good to wear when Steve is away hunting. Ha!
 Best EVER scent that was discontinued- Escada Tropical Punch.  Yep smells like Hawaiin Punch.  A great fruit scent and never gets to sweet.  I do not like the cotton candy scent that a lot of fruity perfumes have.  I LOVE cotton candy but don't want to smell like it!
I began wearing Pleasures in my early twenties and I always have a bottle in my cabinet.

I spend a lot of time reading reviews about perfumes before I buy them.  I also spend too much time at the fragrance counters and Sephora.  I wish I had a job dealing with perfumes.

I want to hear from YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!  What perfume do you LOVE?  What perfumes do you hate?


Brandi said…
I am already thinking about a new spring and summer perfume, so I will use this post and any suggestions you get as my inspiration!
Tara G. said…
Tomato vine sounds as appealing as a mammogram. Seriously, what is wrong with PB?!

I used to wear Liz Claiborne in high school and college. Red by Giorgio is a heavier winter scent. And I like Ralph Lauren's Romance. I'm picky about smells...after pregnancy, my nose seems to be extra sensitive...lavender is my arch nemesis.
Unknown said…
My favorite scent ever was Lancome Miracle. I wore it on my wedding day (12 years ago) and I have no clue if they even still sell it. If so, I need to get me some more before it is discontinued.
Right now I love Bath and Body Works Beautiful Day. My boys picked it out for me for my birthday and I love it.
Unknown said…
My favorite scent ever was Lancome Miracle. I wore it on my wedding day (12 years ago) and I have no clue if they even still sell it. If so, I need to get me some more before it is discontinued.
Right now I love Bath and Body Works Beautiful Day. My boys picked it out for me for my birthday and I love it.
lklomicka said…
I am SUPER sensitive to smells and perfumes are a huge migraine trigger for me. One of the only brands I can wear is Jo Malone. I can wear almost any of their scents. My favorite is Wild Bluebells. It's so delicate and pretty and it lasts forever!
Sasha said…
Just as soon as I started reading about you going into PB for a candle, I just knew it was going to be discontinued! Bless your heart!

I've been wearing Giorgio Armani
Acqua di Gioia and I LOVE it. I don't know how to say it, but I love wearing it! One of my coworkers had it on and I had to buy it after I smelled it on her.
Unknown said…
I just got the Tory Burch perfume for Christmas and love it. You should try that one.
Unknown said…
Oops accidentally posted under my husbands gmail account. It was actually Jennifer not Kevin.
Kim said…
Thanks for all the perfume comments in your cabinet. I love Viva La Juicy and Tommy Bahama... I love perfume also alot of the ones you have I have.. SOme of the ones you listed i am going to have to try..Thanks again..
Shana said…
I enjoyed this post...I use to feel "naked" if I didn't have perfume on...but, I had a job in the hospital were we could not wear perfume and after going a few years working there not wearing it, I can NOT wear it! It makes my nose run and gives me a headache! I'm so excited to try the Jo Malone mentioned in the comment below.
Mrs. Jenk said…
Coco Mademoisselle is my all time favorite too!
Charity said…
This is going to sound like an advertisement but I promise it's not!

I love perfume, but I hate buying stuff before I know if i will like it. I'm kind of cheap. Ok i'm lots of cheap. the closer to free I can get something I am all about!

i joined birchbox maybe two years ago and it's been great because they send you samples of perfume (and beauty stuff) and you can try them out before committing to buying something.

my new faves are Folle de Joie, (I could bathe in this stuff it smells so good) BGBCMAXAZARIA Bon Genre, and Bulgari-Ownia Crystalline.

They are all high end = expensive. which is totally not my cheapskate self, BUT thanks to birchbox's points system for referring and for reviewing my samples, I can get them for 10-20 bucks vs almost 100.

now i'm pretty this is the longest blog comment I have ever written.mercy. anyways, if you want to join birchbox, my referral link is below, I get 5.00 if you use it :)
Unknown said…
Perfume is my favorite! ! Some of my favorites are Miss Dior Cherie, Amazing Grace, Chanel Chance and the best most amazing fragrance is Alien by Thierre Mugler ( sold at Sephora) Its so unique and pretty. Also look into Bond No 9 fragragnces, they are really expensive, but they are incredibly high quality. I could go on! Email me if ever want more recommendations! Also, there is a site that will sell small spray vials to try for $3-$5 each of some very high end perfumes.
Angie said…
We like a lot of the same ones, but last yr I found out about Vintage Bloom and after a year it's still my fav! I never get tired of it!!!
Anonymous said…
This was so informative, Laurie! Ha! You made me want to try Happy in Bloom. My favorite scent is Heavenly by VS. My favorite used to be True Love by Elizabeth Arden but they DISCONTINUED IT! UGHH! :)
Kandi said…
I only wear Chanel Madamoiselle…have worn it for years. But I bought Lowrey Philosophy's Amazing Grace for Christmas b/c she wanted perfume and it smelled light and like something appropriate for a pre-teen. I LOVE it! I've been stealing it some!
I love perfume too Laurie and I loved reading about your favorites! My favorites sound weird and aren't even my favorites when I just smell them straight from the bottle. HA! I'm superficial and let how many compliments I get on the scent determine how much I like it. Anyway, most compliments by far of anything I've ever worn is Midnight Pomegranate from Bath and Body Works. I always try lots of other scents from there that are lighter, fresher, etc... but NEVER the compliments I get from Midnight Pomegranate. I also love Rapture from Victoria Secret, Romance by Ralph Lauren and Sexy Little Things Tease from Victorias Secret.

Oh and sorry about the candle!!!
I understand your pain with discontinued perfumes! Like you, I constantly search for the perfect perfume, and several years ago, I found it. It was made by Lancôme and called Attraction. It was heaven in a bottle! After wearing it a couple years (and lucking up to find a few bottles at TJ Maxx), Lancôme discontinued it. I was crushed. Fortunately, I soon found another fragrance I loved, also by Lancôme called Magnifique. I wore it for a couple years and loved it as well. Last Christmas, my husband went to Belk to get some for me and was told it had been discontinued due to health reasons, which concerned me because I had been wearing it for so long! Thankfully, this past Christmas, I found on the Lancôme website that they had started making it again. I was thrilled! I highly encourage you to try it too! Good luck!
BKS said…
Go to sephora and smell of Bvlgari White Tea. It is, in one word, lovely.
A.K.W. said…
I don't wear any perfume since my Mom is allergic to a lot of scents and can't be around people that wear a lot of perfumes, she can't be around a lot of strong scents in stores too.

Leah-in-the-Kia said…
Laurie I am a perfume freak too, I have just discovered one surprise which I love , I took my girls to a Taylor swift concert and they were handing out small samples of her latest perfume "Taylor" my 14 yr old went crazy for it and I thought 'teenager perfume' but when I tried it , it was lovely, so at 41 ( yesterday!) I bought myself a bottle and I love it!! Very summery and fruity! Highly recommend it! From leah in Australia
Becky said…
My body chemistry does best with deep fragrances so I do like Coco Channel, Tabu, and actually a more inexpensive one from Bath and Body Works. My absolute favorite is Aromatics Elixir from Clinique. I get so many compliments, even from strangers, when I wear that one!
Kim Oliver said…
The fact that you used the phrase "goes on spicy and woodsy" tells me you are crazy...or, you need to start selling perfume at Dillard's.
Do you remember we nearly cried over a candle Bath and Body Works discontinued? The one is the orange glass with polka dots!! BEST candle ever!
LMB said…
I wanted to tell you that Victoria's Secret had a body mist that I loved ! It was discontinued and I found it on Amazon with just 2 bottles left! I grabbed them ! Good Luck finding your candle !
Mary said…

I love Versace bright crystal. Great scent. Easily found. Philosophy has a large selection of some great everyday scents. More fruity but I love them. Do you know you can order online at fragrance Only if you're ordering something you know you'll like because you can't smell before. One last thing I was told keeping perfume in bathroom with humidity ruins the scent and makes it sour. Dont know if this is true i did move mine! Also Yankee candle discontinued my two favorites scents. They recently brought them back for a limited time. I bought everyone they had, but won't burn them. I'm crazy! My favorite restaurant that we go to every week - CLOSED. No notice just a note on the door. He left a phone number because he will reimburse gift certificates do you think I could call him and get recipe for his susans sesame noodles? It's the little things like this that ruin my day! They closed right after Christmas and I talk about it everyday. Now it's another weekend and another where are we going to eat ? First world problems here!
Kristen said…
I am kind of sensitive to perfume scents because of allergies. Some of my favorites used to be Eternity by Calvin Klein and Liz Claiborne when I was younger. I have recently been using some of the scents from Philosophy. You should try them out next time you are at Sephora. Amazing Grace is good. I really love Living Grace and Falling in Love. They are all good clean smells.
Kathryn said…
I love a new one, See by Chloe. It's got some apple in it and is very nice. I like Michael too - and Marc Jacobs is great, his original scent! You say you don't like the new Estee Lauder Private Collection...which scent within PC did you try? If you like white flowers (lily, gardenia) then Tuberose and Gardenia is divine. That might be the offending one to you! Sorry about your candle being discontinued! I hate that. Pier One had a scent years ago that is history now, and I just sniff the candle because I don't want to burn it. Life's too short for such silliness.
I love perfume! I enjoyed your blog post. I used to always wear Amazing Grace by Philosophy, the bath gel, lotion and perfume... the scent wasn't strong and it lasted all day... but I became tired of it. I alternate depending on my mood... A few of my faves are. Poppy by coach, Chanel Chance in the pink bottle, Angel by Thierre Mugler although I think it smells better on other people than it does me, its a very strong scent. Summer Grace by Philosophy, Pink by Vic Secret, Bebe by Bebe, and Very Sexy by Victorias secret, I always received many compliments when I wore that but I can't find the perfume anymore, just the body spray and it does not last as long. I still like Eternity by CKlein also. One of my faves was Butterfly Garden by Bath and Body but of course it was discontinued. I haven't worn, but love Cashmere Mist by Donna Karan that's prob the next one I'll purchase. I agree with you that certain smells that other people go crazy over, I find offensive, such as Vanilla! To me it smells like a big ole tub of playdough! lol
autumn23 said…
Your post always make me laugh! :) :)
Tracy said…
I used to love Clinique Happy. Not even sure they make that anymore. I'd love to try the Happy in Bloom.

I've gotten away from wearing perfume and just use Bath & Body Works body spray now.
Peggy Babe said…
Hi Laurie! Nice to see I'm not the only one with a passion for fine fragrances!
My collection:
Narcisco Rodriquez...LOVE this
Bobbi Brown Beach
D&G light blue (like yours)Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue
Chanel Chance & #5
Victoria Secret Bombshell & Heavenly
Armani Aqua de Gio
Donna Karen Cashmere Mist
Abercrombie & Fitch
DKNY Be delicious
Calvin Klein Euphoria
Estee Lauder Modern Muse
and my latest which I LOVE -
Philosophy Living Grace (soo fresh & clean
I must say I DO USE all of them, switch off day to day. Funny I wore Beach when it was - 30 windchill here!

so fun to read about yours and see I'm not the only one who enjoys smelling nice! I have such a keen sense of smell ... love candles too, airfresheners in the car, etc.

Love your post! Have a fabulous weekend!
Sara said…
I am very particular about scents, so once I find one that suits me, I usually wear it out. Most recently my husband surprised me with See by Chloe and it's taken the prize as my favorite perfume I've ever tried. Very light and fresh. Pleasures is always another go to for me. I'm excited to try some you have suggested!
The Trombly's said…
Flowerbaum by Viktor and Rolf. LOVE, LOVE it and get SO many compliments on it!

Such a bummer that your candle scent was discontinued! :(
Carmen Smith said…
Bond No. 9 !!!! Oh Laurie, if you love perfume you will die over their collection. Expensive, but sooooo amazing.
Edie said…
I love Bombshell from Victoria's Secret. I find the opposite to be true though. It lasts on me all day long, unlike a lot of other scents that fade fast. Love your blog!
Lisa Odom said…
We have the same nose! I LOOOOOOVE Un Jardin Sur Le Nil. I have been wearing it for several years. I bought it as a souvenir for myself from the Hermes store in Las Vegas. My husband had a conference there and I went and walked around all of the designer shops for several days. On the last day I bought the perfume to reward myself for not spending any money anywhere else!

I also have been wearing Pleasures since it came out. My three daughters always tell me that I remind them of their preschool days when I wear it. I also like Pleasures Exotic.

My third scent is a Vera Wang scent.

Fun post!
Heaven's Roses said…
Thank you so much for sharing your favorites! I think I will try Estee Lauder Pleasure because I love their products. The perfumes that I personally love is Romance by Ralph Lauren. It is a subtle flowery scent and I love it! It costs a little more than I can afford so I buy very infrequently. Also, I more recently bought Estee Lauder Beautiful and I love that! It is light enough that I wore it to work on daily basis and it wasn't too much.
One I my most favorite scents was Le Fleur that Walmart used to carry many years ago but haven't been able to find since.
Kathy Olson said…
Wow! I wish I had that many to choose from. That is perfume heaven! Do you like Juicy Couture? I have that one and a cherry one from another brand that I cannot remember the name of right now. Anyway, how fun to have that many to choose from!! I love my Yankee Candle in Buttercream the best. I have never even looked at Pottery Barn scents...I'm always staring at all their beautiful furniture displays:)
Jenny said…
I love that you have so many scents. I always find what I like and just wear one until it's gone. D&G Light Blue is my current scent but I feel like it doesn't last too long. My mom has worn EL's PC as long as I can remember (I guess it was from her that I got the idea you need one scent at a time...a "signature" scent.) I wore Pleasures for years and it's probably my husband's favorite, I need to buy some more. Fun post!
Her Preppiness said…
Chanel #19
Ani said…
Such a fun post! I love Clinique Happy for every day and Chanel Allure is my "big girl" perfume. Its a bit strong so instead of the perfume, I use the body lotion - its much lighter but still the same great scent.
sl said…
Love Victoria's secret Heavenly. Try it.
Gina Grimes said…
I love Laura Mercier L'heure Magique. It is kind of a woodsy floral and I always get so many compliments when I wear it.
Unknown said…
I love QUINCE from Pottery Barn! Sooo sad that it's discontinued. I can't even describe it to look for an alternative. So - if you loved that - then you will probably love the perfume Jessica McClintock - the plain original one. I get compliments everywhere I go - and men say they are going to buy it for their wives/GF's. It doesn't smell right on everyone - depends on chemistry - just as all perfumes. I've been wearing it for 30 years now.

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