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Will You Help Me, Please?

I serve on the women's council at my church.  I LOVE women's ministry.  One of the ways I serve on this council, is getting speakers for events.  In other words, I am the official "speaker getter."
I LOVE my job!
In the past few months, we have had Mamie McCullough and Melinda Bunyard.  Both were EXCELLENT!!!!!

Mamie McCullough lives in Dallas  and attends Prestonwood Baptist Church.  She is very funny and very personable.  She brings a message of encouragement and motivation to keep pressing on.  She has been through many painful things in her life.  She got her start speaking through Zig Ziglar.

Melinda Bunyard lives in NWA and she is a Bible teacher.  She brings God's Word in a very practical way.  She has served as a missionary and is now director of a preschool.  She is very sweet and her Godliness is so evident.  She is a seasoned speaker.

In April, we are priviledged to have Debbie Stuart.  She also lives in Dallas and has served many years as the director of Women's ministry at Prestonwood.  She is one of the most gifted speakers and Bible teachers I have ever heard.  She is a prayer warrior!  She has recently become a part of Women of Faith!!!!!

Here is where YOU come in:

What do you think is the greatest need of women today?

What topic or message would you like to hear from a woman speaker?

What speaker or Bible teacher has impacted you the most?

Will you please take a few minutes of your time to answer these questions?
I really appreciate your feedback.


Tara G. said…
1. Real, biblical views of relationships- with God and others. We're so independent as Americans that we've isolated ourselves. Women are often very lonely and discouraged.

2. This is a hard question for me, Laurie! I am not so much of a topical person as one who simply appreciates any speaker who has gotten into the Word and presents it responsibly. My experience from teaching is that God's Word will hit each individual in whatever "topic" he/she is dealing with individually.

3. I've done just about all of Beth Moore's studies; I like Kelly Minter's approach; when I was single and even now Elizabeth George's materials have been much appreciated. I heard Elisabeth Elliot speak at my church years ago and that is one woman whose subject I will never forget.
Dear Addilyn said…
Learning how to be a "Help Meet" for my husband saved my marriage. I learned that the more I encourage and brag on my husband the more he does, the more control he takes over our home (regardless if I think I can manage better) the more peaceful things are. There is so much I could say but basically I think men like to be in charge and women like to's how it's meant to be and it sure has worked for us.
Candis Berge said…
Oh my, I could write too much here! And I am interested, too, in what your other blog followers answer as I am the chairperson of our women's ministry team. The last 2 years have been trying to find our footing as to those questions while we meet the needs of the young women and do not dis-infranchise the older ones who feel "marginalized" not being on facebook, etc. One need is the need to be encouraged and accepted (Christ does that for us!) and this past year we have had 2 serious crisis' with young moms (one a conjoined birth; sadly the babies lived only briefly) the other a stage 4 cancer in a child - after 13 months still alive and seemingly improving. We have learned that God IS. That God really IS and that HE is for us, will walk with us and that He is trustworthy. Our speakers, which have all been from within our fellowship, have testified to that. I can't really answer the last question well. Each person responds differently to popular speakers. I look forward to what others are saying. Thanks for asking.
Sasha said…
I have led two Lysa TerKeurst studies at my church over the last few months and SHE IS FABULOUS. Can't get enough of her! What I think I need in this stage of my life (39, working, with elementary aged kids) is companionship and a sounding board. I need to be with other women, in all stages of life, who can share with me how they balance their life while still keeping God a priority.
hudsmom said…
Hi, I am a member of a MOPS group in the Fort Worth area and we just had the most amazing speaker. Her name is Elizabeth McCormick and she is, among other things, a mother and a former black hawk helicopter pilot. She delivered a really great Christian based message about her life...really amazing what she has accomplished. She was only alloted about an hour to speak and we could have listened to her all day. She is based out of DFW and speaks to all types of groups for a living. This maybe not what you are looking for but if you are in search of a great, engaging speaker I highly recommend Elizabeth. Her email address is: and her website is:
Renee said…
I just went to a women's conference this weekend at McLean Bible Church. Lisa Chan (Francis Chan's wife)spoke about Be Still, Deny Yourself, and Not of this World (in three different sessions. She was so encouraging!

Another awesome speaker was Monica Gill. She is from the Loudoun campus of McLean Bible Church. Monica spoke about having A Secret Life in Christ. Matt 6. She focused on fasting and not just fasting from food. She said we need to fast from whatever distracts us from God.

I though Monica and Lisa both spoke about such an important topic - how we can be imitators of Christ and reflect His image.

Sisters said…
I'm helping plan a couple of events also. We were thinking of topics like, redeemed, renewed, courage. I loved the suggestion of how to be a melpmeet for your husband, that subject is so needed!
I've also had Melinda speak, she is a friend of mine and I think she's just great! Lisa McKay (she's in AL) and, Andrea Lennon (in Conway) are just great!

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