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The Gym

The gym.
I mentioned the other day that I had joined a gym.  I have really enjoyed it.  I feel like I am doing something good for myself and it is a great place to people watch.  I know a few people that work out there.
Steve and I went to Academy Sports on Saturday night and I got some very sporty, athleticy looking workout costumes.  There is nothing about me that is sporty or athletic, but I wanted to look the part.  Ya know, "fake it, till you can make it."
I have been wearing a ball hat to work out in.  I have not seen one other person there is a hat.  Not one.  I wear it, because I don't want to scare anyone with my hair.  I have maybe 50 hairs on my head and what I do have is little fizzle dust.  It is presentable if I wash and fix it, but not to roll out of bed and be seen in public.
Everyone tells me not to over do it at the gym.  None of those people need to worry.  I am taking it super slow, so I won't dread going.  I have only done the treadmill, but I have done it three mornings in a row for forty minutes.  Each day I have increased the incline a little and increased the speed.
If I am going to spend that much time in the gym, I want to make it count so I am trying to eat good and not pig out.
Steve keeps asking me if I am sore and I am telling him no. But, I feel good to be burning 220 calories each time and increasing my heart rate a little.  So, in time I will build up to the soreness.  Right now, I am just trying to enjoy it!

I should have done this years ago!


Mary said…
When I saw the title I knew this would be a good one. I laughed hysterically. I love the way you describe your hair. Too funny! The best was the work out "costumes". ha ha like halloween or a ball or something. I too am beginning my work out my basement ...on the treadmill....slow but sure....I hope to not overdo it so I continue to do it, I'm sure you understand. Keep up the good work. As I always say a little bit is better than nothing!
Nancy said…
Yay for positive changes!
Pam said…
I'm impressed if you are already walking 40 minutes and in your 'costume'...that was so funny.
Pam said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Girl. Good for you!!! We need a post with you sportin' your costume. Come on!
You are hysterical, Laurie. Keep at it. I'm in my basement on the treadmill, too.
Tracy said…
I love your blog! Good for you working out. Try the elliptical! I like it so much better than the treadmill. :)
Kim said…
"Costumes"!! That cracked me up!! I'm so proud of you for joining and going to the gym. Now, how about you try Body Pump (weight class) this week??
I just started fitness classes with the school district this week. I cannot walk now! I also bought several "costumes" of athletic attire since I owned NONE. I am doing a free weights class and a bootcamp class. I am in over my head. Thus, I can't walk! I hope it gets easier.
The most fit lady at my gym wears a hat almost every morning. Maybe you guys know something the rest of us don't!

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