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Kristen-The Snaggle Tooth Cat

I had the lovely honor of taking Miss Kristen to the vet yesterday.  She went in for a routine exam, shots and to have her teeth cleaned.  I get so stressed out about capturing her and getting her in the carrier.  Yesterday proved to be no better then before.  She is determined NOT to get in the carrier!  After 15 minutes of attempting to get her in , I resorted to the pillow case capture.  I entice her in the pillow case and then bag her up like  Santa and his bag of toys.  I lower her in the carrier and she is meowing and hopping around in the bag the whole time.  I am stressed, she is stressed.
About and hour after I dropped her off, the vet called me and said Kristen had a fractured and infected tooth.  It needed to be extracted. 
When we went to pick her up at the end of the day, I realized it was her main front fang tooth, as I call it.  She is taking pain meds for the next few days and is only eating wet food.  She has licked her lips no less than a million times!!!!!

The girls were with me and Emily wanted to keep the tooth.
She wanted the fairy to bring Kristen some money!
I let her take it.

Emily got everything all set up for the Tooth Fairy.
She came and left Kristen a shiny quarter.


That is too cute!! I didn't know that the tooth fairy visited cats. :)
I want to come over to watch next time you have to capture Kristen.
Brittney said…
Have you tried a towel-capture? You just pick up your cat but wrap her legs up in a towel (almost like swaddling her)...then you can easily get her in the carrier. It is better for them than a pillow case since they can still see and breathe easily.
Unknown said…
i love Kristen stories and i agree with amanda!
A.K.W. said…
Haha, don't have to take our cats into the vet's anymore though. One of our cats had an abscess but he had 6 teeth extracted I think but he was still able to eat hard food though. He is no longer with us now though but all of our cats are outside/barn cats anyways. But our vet has done shots here on our farm before though.

nursekimbrough said…
So thankful that your tooth fairy only leaves a quarter! That's what I got some 25 years ago!

And yes. Video it next time!!
Leslie said…
I love that the Tooth Fairy visits your cat! Santa visits our dog, so I guess they are equal opportunity gifters!
Erin said…
I can totally sympathize. My cat HATES the carrier with a passion and I HATE it too.

Nancy said…
This post deserves an AWARD!!!
I love it!
Tara G. said…
Kristin stories would make great teaching illustrations- you ought to write a book!
Kim said…
This is just funny, Laurie! A few years ago Phoebe had a bad tooth...she is now missing a fang!
emily said…
as a new cat mama, i love hearing about your cats. do you still have two?

and please video next time! :)
Katie said…
This cracks me up!!
Kristy said…
You are a riot! This blog cracks me up every time and I think all of us with cats can relate to the fun times a cat carrier brings. AND your girls are just too cute and funny. We all love Kristen stores.
Laura Burciaga said…
This has to be THE cutest thing ever!!! Love how the tooth is even taped to the note with care. Precious girls you have!

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