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No Thanks to the Tight Rope!

We spent the past few days in Branson. My parents met us there. We had a fabulous, but HOT time! Friday we spent the day at Silver Dollar City.
I saw something there that I will NEVER forget! The park has a show right now featuring the Wallenda Family. I had never heard of them, but they are a family of tight rope walkers. My Dad knew all about them and he got me excited about them. The show was in SDC 's Opera House theater. We got in line fifty minutes early for this show. I thought we were nuts, but I stayed there in the blazing heat to get a good seat at the Wallenda's show.
We DID get good seats, but I realized that we were so close to the stage that if one of them fell the bars that they held would go right trough us.
I was a nervous wreck at the show. I just can't imagine walking on a rope so high in the air that if you fell, it would kill you. But not only that, they ride bikes and stack up on top of each other.
I LOVED the show, but I was actually miserable. I closed my eyes and looked down most of the time. My mother had her eyes closed the entire time. What if they were on the rope and they had to sneeze or got an itch or coughed or something???? I get nervous even typing about this. I read on the internet that several members of their family have fallen from the ropes and died!
My hands and feet were completely WET with sweat. I was so afraid that I was going to see someone die. I kept blowing air into my cheeks-puffing my cheeks out. I don't know why on earth I kept doing this, I guess it was my coping mechanism.
I kept thinking, "what if I had been born into the Wallenda family and from a very young age, I knew I was going to have to walk on a tight rope???????" What would I do?????? I am terrified of heights.
Thank goodness that no one fell, no poles went through my family and that our family is not made up of dare-devils!!!!!! Although Steve rode a might scary roller coaster when we got out of the show.


Melissa said… make me laugh...but then i feel bad for laughing!

the flying wallenda's...i remember seeing them...years ago.

and roller coasters...LOVE THEM...i need to come and get your girls initiated!
Heather said…
I know of the Wallendas because one of them crossed the Tallulah Gorge which is close to where we live now. Google Karl Wallenda to see the story. But I'm like you... I'm far too empathetic to watch death defying acts. It literally makes me ill. i would have passed on that show!

Renee said…
I can so relate. I am afraid of heights and it makes me a nervous wreck to watch other people up high.

I did love the documentary Man on a Wire. I didn't find that too scary because I knew the outcome. He walked on a tight rope between the two world trade center towers.
Candis Berge said…
I so relate to you! And it doesn't get any easier as one gets older! I have finally learned that some things do NOT require my presence (like taking the grandchildren fishing on the pontoon! (hooks+grandchildren+nervous grandma=everyone is miserable)
I hate acrobatic acts of any kind; along with clowns, elevators, driving too close... Thank you for your post today!
Jill said… re so funny! But, I can relate a little bit...that's how I am with suspenseful movies.
I was in Walmart today and there was bird flying around in the check out area. I immediately thought of you and your bird phobia. Ha! You probably would have died!
Thanks for another laugh!
Tara G. said…
Laurie, I think you just give voice to many of our unspoken thougts and fears! :) And I completely followed your entire train of thought!
Andrea said…
HA! You're so cute how you worry about everyone. But I would NOT want to see someone fall either....

I thought of you the other day while watching Hoarders (horrible and addicting show) this lady hoarded birds. 100 of them, cages all over her was creepy (and now, I'm going to apologize because I know mentioning that will wig you out.) And I just realized that my blog name might also be offensive to

Oh, good times.
GiGi said…
Your blogs are always so funny! Enjoy life Laurie..its sooo short our time here on earth!
GiGi said…
You are so funny! I love reading your blog. Enjoy your life Laurie, it is sooo short!!!Give the girls a hug from a Ga reader!
His Doorkeeper said…
I would have been doing the same thing! You would have a lot of company on this issue! You are totally normal!!!

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