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My Look -Alike

Emily has been very "into" Christmas this year. She has loved helping me decorate and all that.

My Christmas tree will never be found in Southern Living or House Beautiful. It has no theme, nothing too pleasing to the eye, BUT it is special to me because I use all sorts of ornaments on it. Ornaments I made with my Grandmother, old ornaments we had growing up, ones I got from kids when I taught, ones from friends and ornament exchanges. I can remember something about most every one.

I believe Emily has touched EVERY ornament this year. She has broken 4 of them in the past 24 hours.

Yesterday I hear, "MOOOOOOMMM, OHHHHH LOOOOOK, this snowman looks just like you holding Kristen! OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!! looks like you!!!!!!!!!!! "
What do you say to that?????
I DO have very very white skin and get bigger as I go down. I smile big too. Who knows?
Emily has been wanting bows for the tree. I told her last night that I did not have any bows. She said,"we can just use hair bows." Look what I found on the tree this morning. There were many more on the tree. Ha! ha!

Merry Christmas!


His Doorkeeper said…
I like Emily's decorating with the bows!! So funny and cute....just like her!!
The Ormons said…
that Emily has such an imagination.. I love it.. and Laurie you don't look like a snowman ha ha.. give the girls a big hug from us. O by the way I have a cold and Reid is sick now.
oh your children are sooooo cute! I love the hair bows, genius idea!
I love the bows, so cute! My mom's tree still has my dried glue and string ornaments. They all tell a story each year!
Tara G. said…
That is precious! We just found out this morning we'll be around for Christmas after all, so this weekend I will pull some of the decorations out- my kids are so excited!
Kelly said…
You do NOT look like that snowman but it's funny Emily said that.
I love that you use all of those old sentimental ornaments- it's part of why I love you.
And Emily is so into putting bows on things. She put a bow on all of Harper's animals yesterday! ha!
Kandi said…
I loved this made me so happy to read. I tried to do a theme tree this year and after I finished, it made me sad. So I got out all of my old ornaments and added them to the tree on top of the "theme" ornaments. I stood back and looked and said "AHHHH". So much better! Emily cracks me the bow idea. And that snowman thing is hilarious.
Jill said…
our tree is the same theme, but lots of sentimental ornaments. i used to make fun of my mom for all her "old timey" ornaments, and now i'm exactly the same way.
my two year old has his favorites that he likes to touch -mainly they are the ones on his big sister's tree-ha. and, just a few days ago he broke our snow globe that we got as a wedding gift 8 years ago. oh well, they are just "things". the memories are more important.
love your tree!!
The Timbs Clan said…
My tree is the same way nothing fancy and not to pleasing to the eye!! But I have 4 children and well my tree is for them! This year they wanted what they called and old timey tree so we made all our ornaments and we did strands of popcorn cranberries! And of course we have the star as a topper! Dont get me wrong all those fancy trees people do are beautiful but I dont understand the fancy tree toppers arent we suppose to put an Angel or a star as a topper???
Thanks for sharing I love the hair bows your daughter is one smart cookie
Meredith said…
That is the cutest thing! Bows on the tree! Emily has always been precious!
Hillary said…
Emily is the funniest person I know!!
Laurie, my tree is much like yours...for a wedding gift, my mom gave me all of my ornaments from child-hood mixed with some new. I have an old handmade ornament from my great-grandmother that is falling apart. I never got to meet her, but at least have the ornament. It has always been my favorite. I love that Emily put her hair bows on the tree...quite the little decorator!
OMG that is to funny! Creative little girl:)
Lauren said…
Emily is only ther cutest thing ever, haha!!!!! :)
Jenna said…
Thats what makes a tree special in my opinion - the memories that come with the ornaments! Too cute about the hairbows!
I used to decorate my tree like a House Beautiful or Southern Living Tree and enjoyed it. I am sure someday I will do it again, but over the years, we have found that for our family, it is much more special for our kids to just decorate with all the ornaments they have made over the years and all the ornaments we made as kids. Most of them have significance behind them and it brings back memories of all of our vacations and trips, the different schools they have attended, teachers they have had, teams we like, sports and activities they have been involved in and interests, friends an family that have given us ornaments-those are so special, etc. The kids LOVE every year to hear about our childhood ornaments and how we made them. So in this stage of life, we even put up the wierd/unattractive ornaments. Infact tonight while we were decorating our two trees, we talked about next year wanting to string popcorn and cranberries. This is totally not me, because my home is very modern and I do enjoy elegant things. I do enjoy adding some sophistication to the rest of the house, but I want the experience of decorating and enjoying the decorations that are special to them to be a huge part of the Christmas experience. I guess we continue to learn there is a beauty in simplicity. Oh, also I had to giggle when youd said ornaments have been broken. I can't tell you how many have been broken over the years, but these last few years or so, none have been broken because the kids are older now. I absolutely cannot believe my husband and I went to Lowes today and bought a cute snowman inflatable (I have always thought those were so tacky) for our yard this year. Our 14, 12, and 8 year old have always wanted one for our yard and we want them to have great memories, so went for it. Isn't it funny how kids change you life, certainly for the better. I think it is great how you are embracing and listening to the season of life you are in and the ages of your kids. Hope you stay healthy and well over the holidays. Blessings to you and your family!
Maria said…
So sweet!
Amy said…
I have to say that of all the trees I've seen lately online (which are numerous and all very beautiful), I don't know if I don't just prefer yours the best. It's perfect. Thanks for sharing! :)
Rebekah said…
How cute that she put her hair bows on the tree...I LOVE IT! One of my very favorite parts of Christmas is getting out my tree every year and remembering all the memories behind the ornaments! Both of our parents did one for us each year and they gave them to us when we got married. We also try to get an ornament on all the trips we go and one to represent each year we are married. So, I am right there with you, there is a lot of love and memories on our tree.

You do not look like that snowman!
A Little Water said…
laurie, i just love trees with sentimental ornaments on them! yours is great! also, just wanted you to know, you are such an encouragement to me. i love reading your blog.i'm 29 and single. you and kelly are fun to read about! and your children are too cute! thanks so much!
I love that you use all those old sentimental ornaments that is what makes a Christmas tree even more special...with all the stories you can tell about each one!! The theme is "your life"...the best theme of all to celebrate! And the bows are just the icing on the cake!

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