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When my parents came to keep the girls while we went to Gulf shores, my Mom brought Emily Pinkalicious. It has been a daily read ever since. I asked Emily if she would like to make some pink cupcakes on Saturday. She hesitantly said , " I guess so." She was afraid that she might turn pink like the little girl in the story. When I convinced her that she would NOT turn pink, she became very excited about our little cooking project.

I always loved cooking with my grandmothers and mother. I hope Emily will share this love.

This was her favorite- the sprinkles. I don't think I will ever get them all cleaned up.


Jill said…
I LOVE Pinkalicious!!! So great! I'm not as hip about Purplicious, though...
Oh this was so sweet!
We have the book Pinkalicious too and I love it. I have read it to Harper several times!
Rebecca said…
As a mother and grandmommy of 2 grandsons, I have made a zillion cuppiecakes in my life and learned the easiest way to do sprinkles without having a huge mess. Pour them into a plate or bowl and after frosting your cupcake, "dip" it into the sprinkles! Works like a charm and the kiddos really can help without getting them everywhere! Keep up the great work of engaging your children. They are little only a short amount of time!
I love the book Pinkalicious and have read it Lauren many many times!
His Doorkeeper said…
Laurie, this is such a precious post! Love to see you girls in the kitchen!
Anonymous said…
I loved this post. Warmed my heart big time!!!!!

Jenna said…
I love Emily!! She is such a little thinker - I wouldn't want to turn pink either. But pink there is something to get on board with. :-) This post was precious - just like Emily and just like her momma!!
Amanda Ledford said…
I walk by that book everytime I'm at Target or Books A Million and debate buying it for a future little girl. It is the cutest book! I LOVE this post, it is adorable!!! Emily looks so serious when she cooks! Ha!
Hillary said…
I need that book!! Maybe Emily can read it to me sometime! She is growing up so fast!
I was not blessed with girls, so Pinkalicious is new to me. I loved to see your little one cooking and decorating cupcakes though.
Mommy and daughter cooking is so fun! I hope I can share it with Savi soon:)
Sara said…
We love Pinkalicious too! So much that my blog address is named after it. :)

BTW-I LOVED your cell phone post. I felt the same exact way when I had to get a new phone. My friend called my old phone a "Zack Morris" phone (from Saved by the Bell). It was such a better phone than the TWO I have gone through since. :(
michelle said…
Hey Laurie! I like to sneak over here from Kelly's and see what you and the girls are up to! I just wanted to tell you I have a friend in AL who has a 4y/o and she did a Pinkalicious birthday party for her daughter. I couldn't find the pictures of it on her blog, but here is the link to the photostream:

If Pinkalicious stays a big hit this may be an idea for you :)

Blessings! Have a great weekend!

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