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The Close (Clothes) of Summer

I LOVE the Summer time! I LOVE the clothes of Summer! For me, Summer clothes are sooooooo easy to dress my girls. They just need a couple of good pairs of sandals and cool dresses and they are set. Life is simple with those clothes. White sandals go with everything they have.
Yesterday I was down in the dumps. For one reason, Emily was sick. We were in ALL day and it was raining.
I spent some time going through their Spring and Summer clothes. I got VERY sad because this is the last time Sarah Kate will ever wear her 2 T Summer clothes. ( I consider them baby clothes) I did not get her very many Summer clothes because she has had Emily's outfits/dresses to wear. Some of them are so cute. (Little smocked dresses) I loved them when Emily wore them and I was so thrilled to have another girl so she could wear them too. I am boxing those items up in the next couple of weeks, as Fall is about here.
For me, Fall and winter clothes are a LOT more complicated. Can you relate? Today I went out and bought new Fall, brown, silver and hot pink for both girls. Then I had to get beige socks (hard to find), leggings, tights. It is not as easy as just throwing on a pair of velcro sandals and a sun dress.
I think Fall and Winter clothes cost more, because most of the outfits offer a sweater or jacket to go with them.

All this to the next few weeks I am going to have a little blog baby clothes sale. I am going to take pictures of some of the clothes and see if I can sell them. Most of the things I want to sell for around $12-$15.

Some of you have asked where we got Emily's kitchen set in her room. Her Kay-K and Pop got it for her. The brand is KIDKRAFT. I think they got it at a children's furniture store in the Memphis area.


Ashley E. said…
I am right there with you! I have been putting off going shoe/legging/sock shopping just because it is so overwhelming to try and figure out what all you may need! Gah! But, looking forward to your little blog sale!
Tara G. said…
I don't even bother with sweaters or hoodies for most outfits because I've found that the kids won't wear them. And even though it gets freezing cold here, they still prefer warm tights and a dress/skirt (my boy is easier!). Hanna Andersson has some cute leg warmers, too, and I don't mind paying a little more because both girls will use the clothes. I realized, too, after getting here in February, that my kids needed one pair of shoes for the winter months because they wear boots out; nice feature since I'm mail ordering everything and can't try them on them or return as easily!
Jennifer said…
That is a great idea! If I had a baby, I would definitely jump on this. I will have to keep a look out for a brother though since he has a 5 month old little girl.
Anonymous said…
OKAY...just looked at your blog (from kelly's korner, you are going to get 100's of comments). i am so interested in your clothes!!! post away...
Muffy said…
Fall & winter clothes are just hard! I'm 26 and I still do the dress & sandals thing. Can't wait to see what you're selling - I have a 3 month old baby girl.
Amy said…
I agree Laurie! My girls both HATE to wear tights in the winter. They fuss every time we try to put them on! I dread it. You reminded me though I guess I may as well go ahead and bite the bullet before everything gets picked over.
Pam said…
Definitely hate dressing for winter. We use to live in Wisconsin and that was an even bigger pain. Arkansas weather is much better in winter.
I am putting off buying my son jeans for as long as I can!
I have two little girls as well, and only have to buy for 1, but still it's pricey.
I would love to see/buy some of your 'baby' clothes. My youngest daughter will be in that size next summer. She turns 2 in April.
Mike and Kara said…
Yay! Looking forward to your baby blog clothes sale. My daughter will be 1 year this week and I would love to buy some cute stuff for next summer!
Amanda said…
I am SOOOO interested in looking at some way cute clothes. I have an almost nine month old. Surely, some of the clothes will fit her next spring/summer. Can hardly wait until you post about this!!!
jenmom said…
I would be interested in the clothes as well!!!!
I have an 18 month old who is going to be in 2T very soon and since we live in SW Florida, she'll be able to wear warmer things year round!!!!!
I'll be watching and grabbing some up as soon as you post!!!!!!!!
Emily said…
Your girls are always dressed so sweet. I would love to see what you are selling. I have a 7 month old and would definitely be interested!!!
Sarah Sharp said…
I agree that summer is so much easier! Though I am ready for it to be cooler so my baby can wear pants while he is crawling so much. His little knees are getting dry and rough from being bare! But keeping shoes and socks on them once it is cooler is a chore.

I wish I had a little girl to buy for! Your girls are so cute!
Kristen said…
I've been checking out your blog for a while now (found it on Kelly's Korner), and I can't wait to see your clothes sale! Your girls are always dressed so cute. My daughter is 5 months and is also named Sara Kate (without the 'h')!
Amy said…
what a great idea! i am all for it! just wishing my libbi shared your girl's initials :)
count me in for the blog sale! :)
jmh said…
Hey there! I come to your blog sometimes from Kelly's. I've never commented before but today I am because I want to tell you that Old Navy online *always* has beige socks for girls! And it took me a ton of time, fuel in my SUV and headache to find that out. So, when you mentioned beige socks, how could I not tell you something that in all likelihood, you already know. But I still thought I'd share:)

Your girls are precious!

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