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Perfume Poll Part 2

Tonight I smelled Viva La Juicy. OH MY WORD!!!!!!!!! I fell in love.............knew this was the one!!! Came home, let Steve smell me and this is what he said," I don't like that AT ALL!" UHHGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
THE ONLY one he seems to really like is Happy. I like it too! (May be what I get)

Ohhhhhh I have just LOVED reading your comments about the perfume!!!!!!!!! Thank you for taking the time to do that! I have become really good friends with the ladies at Dillards and Perfume Mania. They seem to get nicer to me each day. I am thinking they may be getting scared of me and so they are trying to be extra nice. I have been there EVERYDAY! Yep, that's right.
Here is what I have learned about myself with your help and theirs:
I love fresh, fruity, green leaf, flowery scents, crisp fragrances.

These are the scents I have worn in the past and LOVED:

Love Spell
Escada-Summer scents
Chance in the green bottle
Private Collection

After smelling MOST every perfume the stores carried, I like:

Escada-Into the Blue
Light Blue ( I just adore it!!!!!!!!!!!)
Private Collection

Any thoughts you may have on DKNY or Into the Blue????????????????????????????? I know I know, it just really matters what I like and perfumes smell different on different people, but it is still fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have left the mall each day, not knowing up from down. I have had perfume on my wrists, neck, back of my neck, forearm, shirt, coat, pieces of paper, you name it, I've sprayed it! Gotten home and they all run together and all stink to me. But, I have it down to 2 or 3 scents!!!!!!!!!
I have been writing down what you say and carrying it with me to the mall. Don't you know those women think I am nuts????????????? all have really helped me!

I love Private Collection. I wore it in High School It came out in 1973. Ha ha!!!!!!! Has anyone my age bought it in the past 30 years??????????????? When I sprayed it at Dillards, it came out sticky and yellow. HA had not been sprayed in months, I could tell. Steve seems to like it.

I am having a fit now to smell the Juicy Scents. I missed them. I am going to try to sneak away to the mall this weekend.
Steve is going to have to make the purchase soon!

Thanks again for all the interesting comments.


Sloan said…
well, my fave is Victoria's Secret Dream Angels Heavenly. It truly is!
Have your ever tried Lady Primrose products? I just love them and they are so fragrant. Beautifully packaged but rather expensive. There is a shop at the Gaylord that sells the products. Gene Allens Hallmark in N. Arlington carries these products as well.
Go to sephora and go to the Benefit section and smell Maybe Baby. it is sooo delicious. I love a lot of the scents you like and this is sooo fruity and sweet. Also, Sephora has a new line called Clean. I love clean laudry and cotton. they smell soo light and fresh. let us know11 xo
Kara said…
You have given me a craving to buy some Pleasures-thanks. My husband tells me he likes everything. I am not sure if he is being honest or not, so I hate it!
His Doorkeeper said…
I have had alot of the more expensive (at least to me) perfumes and you know what I just love....Tommy's clean and not overpowering and pretty cheap compared to the rest! Besides my man's favorite smell is bacon cooking!!!! har
Dana Maxwell said…
Go back to Sephora and try the scents by PHILOSOPHY!! I can guarantee you that you could possibly find "your" scent there! They are clean scents and not overpowering - I will even bet your husband will like at least one of them on you! I promise, they will be worth the extra trip back to Sephora! (PS I have worn several Estee Lauder scents off and on, since I was in high school (appox. 1970 until today), as well as Chanel, Tresor and others. I like certain scents at different times of the year, and they bring back memories of those times. So I have not varied much for allot of years, until I was introduced to PHILOSOPHY!! Love, love, love it!
Dana Maxwell (Mary Avery's mother)
The Mommy One said…
Ha! I just popped over and was scrolling through this post and saw you loved Viva La Juicy! Me too!!! Only I told my husband I could never wear it b/c if someone ever asked me what I was wearing I couldn't tell them Viva La Juicy! Just doesn't sound like a perfume a 36 year old mom of 3 should be wearing! Ha! :-)
kdg said…
I know I am WAY late in responding but thought I would anyway...

Hi Laurie! I've read your blog silently for about a year, found it through Kelly's and I have no recollection of how I found hers.

Anyway, the list of perfumes you like are the same list that I have and I've recently purchased 2 new perfumes - Gucci 2 and a Christian Audigier perfume.

Enjoy your new fragrances! :)

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