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Blowing Up Like a Balloon

Today I had a Dr appt. I have sorta dreaded this day for about a week because I have been SOOOOOOOOOOOOO hungry lately, I knew I would weigh a bunch. I have been trying to think about and wash and iron my lightest weight outfit. Monday I found the perfect light weight garb. It was a thin cotton shirt and some thin knit pants. I put on the thinnest socks I had and did not wear much jewelry. My usual nurse did not weigh me, but one that I have had before did the duty. When I stepped on the scale, she just kept moving the bar to the right. Then she said, " Woooooooo girl, your at 1_ _!" She could have just kept that comment to herself. I could see the number. I was stunned that she said that. This made me feel REAL good about myself-HA HA! Afterward I went to the store and tried to buy some healthy food, but her comment didn't keep me from the Cadbury eggs or a box of Jr. Mints.
I had to have another ultrasound because last month the lady forgot to measure something. All was well and it is still a girl--you never know. We are still going with the name Sarah Kate and Emily is proudly calling her Sarah Cake. Maybe because Emily has seen me eating my share of cake lately.


Hillary said…
I laughed at this post for many reasons.
1. B/c you've been planning your outfit for a week
2. B/c the nurse blabbed your weight to the whole world.
3. B/c "tried to eat something healthy" but still got candy
4. I just love that she calls her Sarah Cake. I might start calling her that too! It's fitting with the cupcake picture in the nursury!
Caroline said…
You are such a funny girl!!!!! I am in 7th period laughing out loud !!!! I agree with hillary about all 4. Girl...don't worry, your what you want and be sure you get the other nurse next time hahahaha
Kelly said…
I am mostly laughing at Hillary's comments.
If any nurse comments on my weight - they better watch out. I might start yelling in the hall "ya'll are the ones who put me on meds that make me want to eat an elephant every day"!!! :-)
Eat your junior mints - you look great!
Leigh Ann said…
Enjoy it and eat! Pregnancy is the only time you can really get away with it. All the pictures I've seen of you, you look great! That is so cute what Emily is calling the baby. Evan called Ella Grace "Elmo Grapes" for a while! Too funny!
His Doorkeeper said…
Maybe no one has told you this but seems like you always get bigger faster with the second baby! I don't know if your skin is already stretched out or what but always seem to"show" earlier.

Kelly weighed 8.2 oz when she was born and her brother weighed almost 9 lbs and he was two weeks early(because of planned C-section).

Enjoy eating good food because you are feeding that precious new little girl!
Shannon said…
I hope Emily calls her Sarah Cake for a while! That is too cute!!!
The Garners said…
So funny! I always planned my weigh-in outfits, too. I'd try to wear slip-on shoes so that I could easily exclude those. I never ever wore my tall boots and I never ate breakfast on weigh-in day. :)
The Garners said…
P.S. I LOVE Jr. Mints. I'd buy a box every day in the OBU bookstore and eat them between class or at the library, etc. It's no wonder I gained weight in college. Luckily, I was addicted to Subway for 2 meals a day or I might have graduated weighing 350 lbs.
Michele said…
Oh Laurie - I actually had no idea how much weight I had gained w/ my pregnancy - before I even got on the scale I made it clear that I didn't want to know! It wasn't until about 2 days before delivery that someone said it outloud in my room...and neither the first nor the 2nd number was a 1.

Oh well, easy on...easy off - right? It's all going to a good cause! LOL.

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